Fidelity customers' financial info feared stolen

Fidelity customers' financial info feared stolen in suspected ransomware attack

Insurance giant blames Infosys, LockBit claims credit Criminals have probably stolen nearly 30,000 Fidelity Investments Life Insurance customers' personal and financial information including bank account and routing numbers, credit card numbers and security or access codes after breaking into Infosys'

If I've learned anything over my 6 years career in the IT industry, it's that I'm not particular smart person. At least not in the way I always thought I was. I understand simple things - simple code, simple procedures, simple requirements, simple architecture. Surprisingly, however, creating simple solutions is proving to be much more difficult than overengineering everything.

Amazon bends to Euro watchdogs, waives egress fees for folks ditching AWS

Now the pressure is on for Microsoft to stop holding user data hostage Amazon Web Services has joined Google in waiving egress fees for customers looking to ditch its platform for a rival cloud provider or on-prem datacenter.

Sabin Srma, scos de la efia pentru Comisia de din , dup ce a anunat c-l va contracandida pe Emil la Pirmria .
Srma a fost nlocuit cu deputatul Sorin n.

FCC: April is last month for Affordable Connectivity Program payments

US broadband customers prepare for the great disconnection The end is nigh for the US Affordable Connectivity Program, with April being the final full month of the program.

Hacker News: Hackers Exploit ConnectWise ScreenConnect Flaws to Deploy TODDLERSHARK Malware

The Register: Change Healthcare attack latest: ALPHV bags $22M in Bitcoin amid affiliate drama

AMD hires former Oak Ridge chief to punt AI to governments

You get a 'sovereign' AI, and you get a 'sovereign' AI, everybody gets a 'sovereign' AI AMD is betting that it can get governments and other public bodies to sign off on investment in AI infrastructure by enlisting the former head of America's prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory research center.

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US accuses Army vet cyber-Casanova of sharing Russia-Ukraine war secrets

Where better to expose confidential data than on a dating app Yet another US military man is facing a potentially significant stretch in prison after allegedly sending secret national defense information (NDI) overseas.

Is your encrypted data safe How does work Join experts & Matt Durrin's free webinar on March 12th as they explain the core concepts of data protection and digital transactions, as well as their impacts on .

IP address X-posure now a feature on Musk's social media platform

If you're still on X you'd better disable this insecure-by-default calling feature, lest someone snatch your IP Video and audio calling features for X Premium users added last year to Elon Musk's version of Twitter have been expanded to everyone on the platform, and we're warning Reg readers yet again to disable the feature

Facebook, Instagram and Threads kicking users off with password reset

Millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced Those trying to log into Meta's Facebook, Instagram, and Threads for their social media fixes are facing panic this morning after being locked out of their accounts.

Are we affected by the

Hacker News: Over 225,000 Compromised ChatGPT Credentials Up for Sale on Dark Web Markets

The Register: Dell exec reveals Nvidia has a 1,000-watt GPU in the works

Copilot pane as annoying as Clippy may pop up in Windows 11

It's in the Beta Channel build for now... but oh my, you're not going to love this Copilot in Windows is set to get even more assertive after Microsoft added a function that makes the AI assistant's window pop up any time a user's cursor hovers above the icon in the task bar.

Facebook, Instagram, non funzionano. Cosa sta succedendo

Nelle ultimi minuti, molti utenti di Facebook e Instagram si sono trovati di fronte a unimprevista interruzione del servizio, con entrambe le piattaforme che sembrano essere completamente inaccessibili per molti.

Downdetector, un sito che monitora i problemi di connettivit online, ha registrato un picco di segnalazioni di malfunzionamento provenienti da utenti di tutto il mondo, confermando che il problema diffuso su una vasta scala.

Phishing Adattivo. Il CERT-AgID mette in guardia di questa nuova minaccia che colpisce lItalia

Il concetto di rappresenta ormai una forma consolidata e sofisticata di di phishing (riporta il -) che si distingue per la sua capacit di adattare dinamicamente il contenuto delle pagine in base al dominio email dellorganizzazione sfruttata.

I have received three tickets this morning about issues accessing the Internet.

Turns out Facebook is down.

YouTube workers laid off mid-plea at city hall meeting

Caught on camera: "Our jobs are ended today, effective immediately" The moment 43 unionized YouTube Music subcontractors lost their jobs was dramatically caught on camera during an Austin City Hall meeting in Texas last week.

Class action claims Snowflake is an overhyped sales blizzard

Investors unhappy after 2022 revenue guidance cut Snowflake is the subject of a would-be class action lawsuit alleging it made misleading statements and failed to disclose important data about sales practices and its commercial model between September 16, 2020, and March 2, 2022.

Tesla Berlin gigafactory goes dark after alleged eco-sabotage

Left-wing extremist group claims responsibility, says goal is to 'bring Tesla to its knees' An alleged arson attack at a power substation outside Berlin has knocked Tesla's nearby gigafactory offline, and a left-wing activist group is claiming that disrupting Tesla was their entire intent.

American Express: i tuoi dati potrebbero essere trapelati in un attacco alla supply chain

American Express ha avvertito i clienti che i della loro carta sono trapelati in un che ha recentemente colpito un processore di pagamento senza nome. Lincidente emerso nei documenti che la societ ha depositato presso le autorit dello stato del Massachusetts, che rilascia tali come parte delle sue norme sulla divulgazione di relative alle violazioni della .

Apple 24% iPhone Huawei ( 64%) -

Hacker News: Cybercriminals Using Novel DNS Hijacking Technique for Investment Scams

The Register: German defense chat overheard by Russian eavesdroppers on Cisco's WebEx

Microsoft: Copyright law didn't stop the VCR and shouldn't stop the LLM

Lawyers argue content used to train LLMs does not 'supplant the market' for news Microsoft is coming out swinging over claims by the New York Times that the Windows giant and OpenAI infringed copyright by using its articles to build ChatGPT and other models.

Solo grosse Balle! La cyber gang Mogilevich ammette: siamo truffatori professionisti!

Hacker nordcoreani sfruttano vulnerabilit di ScreenConnect per diffondere il malware ToddleShark

Gli specialisti di Kroll hanno riferito a BleepingComputer che il gruppo di nordcoreano Kimsuky sta sfruttando le di per distribuire una nuova variante del .

Rapid7 throws JetBrains under the bus for 'uncoordinated vulnerability disclosure'

Exploits began within hours of the original disclosure, so patch now Security shop Rapid7 is criticizing JetBrains for flouting its policy against silent patching regarding fixes for two fresh vulnerabilities in the TeamCity CI/CD server.

Ahhh, what would I do without meetings at work, eh

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Bewerbungen sind noch bis 17.3. mglich.

Brit chip industry wonders if UK budget will put its money where its silicon is

Don't hold your breath Brit tech industry association Techworks wants to see more support for the UK semiconductor sector in this week's budget to help the nation's chip companies better compete on the global stage.

This is great :honeybadger:

Hacker News: What is Exposure Management and How Does it Differ from ASM

The Register: Nvidia now plays kingmaker in the server court, says Omdia

Nvidia now plays kingmaker in the server court, says Omdia

AI's appetite for compute means general refreshes stalled as customer used budgets elsewhere The server market is bouncing back in value terms, as customers demand beefier systems to train or run AI models and the success of server makers is now largely dependent on getting GPUs from Nvidia.

Watchdog calls for more plugs, less monopoly in EV charging network

Exclusivity deals a no-no, and 'charging deserts' must be avoided The UK's competition regulator is calling for more competition, interoperability, and better reliability in the local electric vehicle (EV) charging network.

Which is why politicians appearing to rely on to square circles makes me really uneasy!

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