Feds probe massive alleged classified US

Feds probe massive alleged classified US govt data theft and leak

State Dept keeps schtum 'for security reasons' Uncle Sam is investigating claims that a criminal stole and leaked classified information from the Pentagon and other national security agencies.

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Hacker News: Vietnam-Based Hackers Steal Financial Data Across Asia with Malware

The Register: Iowa sysadmin pleads guilty to 33-year identity theft of former coworker

Sleuths who cracked Zodiac Killer's cipher thank the crowd

Fifty-one years of community contributions, software, and clever cryptanalysis contributed Three men received recognition in December 2020 for cracking the Zodiac Killer's 340-character cipher (Z340) but they want to share credit with the community of sleuths who helped with the 51-year code breaking effort.

NASA taps trio of companies to build the next generation of lunar rover

At $4.6 billion, this Moon malarkey is getting expensive NASA has selected three companies to develop designs for a lunar terrain vehicle (LTV) to transport astronauts around the Moon.

Thank the bots, your blue check is back on X

What a great way to inflate those numbers Elon What Elon taketh away, Elon also giveth. Fee-free blue checks on Twitter are back, but only for users with a certain number of followers who pay for X Premium.

Google ponders making AI search a premium option

Ad-free search experience might not be on the cards Google is reportedly considering tweaks to its search engine, including making some AI features subscription-only - an ad-free search experience is seemingly not on the cards.

Ivanti commits to secure-by-design overhaul after vulnerability nightmare

CEO addresses whirlwind start to 2024 and how it plans to prevent a repeat Ivanti has committed to adopting a secure-by-design approach to security as it gears up for an organizational overhaul in response to the multiple vulnerabilities in Connect Secure exploited earlier this year.

Hacker News: New HTTP/2 Vulnerability Exposes Web Servers to DoS Attacks

The Register: Ivanti commits to secure-by-design overhaul after vulnerability nightmare

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Microsoft's playdate in Google's Privacy Sandbox gets messy

Targeted ads in Edge may be blocked before they even arrive Analysis  Inspired by Google's Privacy Sandbox ad tech renovation initiative, Microsoft last month announced plans for a "privacy preserving" mechanism to deliver interest-based ads in its Edge browser.

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German state ditches Windows, Microsoft Office for Linux and LibreOffice

'Complete digital sovereignty' ... sounds familiar Schleswig-Holstein, Germany's most northern state, is starting its switch from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice, and is planning to move from Windows to Linux on the 30,000 PCs it uses for local government functions.

Keeping an Eye on the Future with - user story

Microsoft unbundling Teams is to appease regulators, not give customers a better deal

Think before you pull the trigger, warn analysts If you're planning to save money by cutting out the unbundled Teams product from your Microsoft 365 subscription, the decision might not be as straightforward as you'd think.

Flipping pages: il nuovo bug del Kernel Linux mette a rischio la sicurezza dei sistemi

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La Federazione Russa pronta a creare un CERT per lintelligenza artificiale

Nel 2024 potrebbe nascere in un centro specializzato per la ricerca sulla nel campo dell (AI). Questa iniziativa stata espressa da Anna Kulashova, amministratore delegato di Lab in e nei paesi della , al sulla dellinformazione del 2 aprile.

Hacker News: Considerations for Operational Technology Cybersecurity

The Register: Nvidia's 'China special' RTX 4090D hits great wall of US export controls

Nvidia's 'China special' RTX 4090D hits great wall of US export controls

Nerfed GPU included in revised list of cards deemed to be too powerful The US government has published an updated list of tech export controls that looks to be bad news for Nvidia as it now includes the company's "China special" RTX 4090D GPU in items that need an export license.

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UK govt office admits ability to negotiate billions in cloud spending curbed by vendor lock-in

After slew of AWS deals signed under MoUs, CDDO says current approach might weaken its position Exclusive  The UK government has admitted its negotiating power over billions of pounds of cloud infrastructure spending has been inhibited by vendor lock-in.

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Wir analysieren und erkennen Bedrohungen, sodass wir zeitnah reagieren knnen. Auch mit internationalen Partnern tauschen wir uns ber Angriffe und Abwehrmanahmen aus.

How Far is it?

De impact van cyberaanvallen op hotels: een diepgaande analyse van de omni hotels situatie Omni Hotels in de hospitality -uitval hotels van cyberaanvallen gastvrijheidsindustrie

AT&T Data leaked: 73 million Customers affected.

AT&T has confirmed that the data set leaked on the dark web some two weeks ago does, indeed, contain AT&T data-specific fields. The company is reset passcodes for millions of customers after acknowledging a massive leak involving the data of 73 million current and former subscribers.

Vodafone and Three's UK merger hits regulatory roadblock

Watchdog concerns about price hikes and consolidation remain unresolved Britain's competition regulator is kicking off a deeper investigation into the potential impact caused by the merger of Vodafone and Three in the UK after neither resolved previously expressed concerns.

The Register: Ransomware gang

Ransomware gang did steal residents' confidential data, UK city council admits

INC Ransom emerges as a growing threat as some ex-LockBit/ALPHV affiliates get new gigs Leicester City Council is finally admitting its "cyber incident" was carried out by a ransomware gang and that data was stolen, hours after the criminals forced its hand.

Verdetto storico: la Corte dAppello statunitense riporta che la FCC ha ecceduto nel divieto delle tecnologie Cinesi Hikvision e Dahua

-Holstein setzt auf einen digital -Arbeitsplatz in der

Eine richtige und sehr wichtige Entwicklung! Groartig!

65 years ago, America announced the names of its first astronauts

The Mercury 7: 'Not one of us knew what he was in for' Sixty-five years ago this week, NASA introduced its first astronauts, saying they'd be launched into space in the agency's new capsule. They were immediately dubbed The Mercury 7.

How HashiCorp's license shakeup seeded a new open source rebel

We're really just getting started, says OpenTofu community member Interview  HashiCorp might be less than impressed with the rise of the Terraform fork, OpenTofu, but where Hashi sees challenges, the maintainers of the open source project see opportunities.

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The Register: Alibaba signs to explore one-hour rocket deliveries

I dati della National Security Agency degli Stati Uniti D'America sono online!

Il Dipartimento di ha avviato unindagine dopo che alcuni hanno affermato di aver pubblicato documenti presumibilmente rubati a un .

Microsoft thinks bundles are great and customers love them

Rivals and regulators might disagree, so might users that are paying for software they don't need It's always interesting to see how technology executives crop their marketing messages to suit the audience.

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