FBI confirms it issued remote kill

FBI confirms it issued remote kill command to blow out Volt Typhoon's botnet

Remotely disinfects Cisco and Netgear routers to block Chinese critters China's Volt Typhoon attackers used "hundreds" of outdated Cisco and NetGear routers infected with malware in an attempt to break into US critical infrastructure facilities, according to the Justice Department.

Ransomware payment rates drop to new low only 29% of victims are forking over cash

It's almost like years of false assurances have made people realize payments are pointless Trusting a ransomware crew to honor a deal isn't the greatest idea, and the world seems to be waking up to that. The number of victims who chose to pay dropped to a new low of 29 percent in the last quarter of 2

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Japanese space lasers plan to show aims to clean up orbital junk

Zap it and trap it like a cosmic Marie Kondo, but will everyone approve A Japanese company wants to remove debris from Earth orbit by using a satellite-mounted laser to decelerate an object such as a defunct satellite so it gradually descends towards the atmosphere and burns up.

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It's been an incredibly intense week, and it's only Wednesday. This morning, I had to drive 200 km through icy fog and heavy traffic. However, this afternoon was dedicated to setting up a FreeBSD server.

The client wanted to retain some of the features from their old Linux system. I came up with the idea of directly passing the two physical disks to bhyve and booting them. The boot was immediate, and there were no issues. The new FreeBSD server was up and running, and the 'old' Linux was now operating as a VM, working perfectly on the physical disks.

The client was pleased with the outcome and asked me to set up a native FreeBSD desktop, encrypted because they will store important data. I hadn't installed a FreeBSD desktop recently, but it turned out to be easier than expected (no wifi involved).

I installed xorg, the Nvidia drivers, nvidia-xconfig (which generated the configuration file perfectly), kde5, sddm, Firefox, LibreOffice, the Nextcloud client, and made a few small adjustments to get the keyboard audio buttons working. Even suspend/resume functionality worked flawlessly, which amazed the client.

I then created a jail on the server and set up zfs-autobackup to back up the client's PC on the server (of course, on an encrypted dataset). Time to go home, satisfied with the outcome.

Adobe has 'no plans' to invest in XD despite failed Figma buy

Oh the bitter irony now Figma can enjoy a monopoly in UX niche, say devs Adobe has confirmed it will no longer push the envelope for XD, the vector design tool used by developers for web and mobile apps.

Hacker News: Are Your Web Applications Safe from Malware

The Register: Windows 3.11 trundles on as job site pleads for 'driver updates' on German trains

Nearly 4-year-old Cisco vuln linked to recent Akira ransomware attacks

Evidence mounts of an exploit gatekept within Russia's borders Security researchers believe the Akira ransomware group could be exploiting a nearly four-year-old Cisco vulnerability and using it as an entry point into organizations' systems.

Malicious local attackers can obtain full root access on Linux machines by taking advantage of a newly disclosed security flaw in the GNU C library (aka glibc).

We know nations are going after critical systems, but what happens when crims join in

This isn't going to end well Volt Typhoon, the Chinese government-backed cyberspies whose infrastructure was at least partially disrupted by Uncle Sam, has been honing in on other US energy, satellite and telecommunications systems, according to Robert Lee, CEO of security shop Dragos.

Jeden Tag liest man von Datenlecks und fragt sich warum sich da keiner drum kmmert und dann denke ich als kleiner Sysadmin an die Worte meines Kollegen, weil ich enoch mal LAPS auf die System bringen will...
"sei doch nicht so paranoid..."
#OeffentlicherDienst #IT #kompetenz

Microsoft seeks Rust developers to rewrite core C# code

Embrace, extend, and ... port Microsoft's adoption of Rust continues apace if a posting on the company's careers website is anything to go by.

Erneutes Datenleck: Diesmal trifft es die Armee

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Weshalb wir u.a. die von der nicht gefrdert und immer noch bekmpft gegen Zivilisten Sicher ist was anderes!

Hacker News: Telegram Marketplaces Fuel Phishing Attacks with Easy-to-Use Kits and Malware

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The Register: Microsoft Edge ignores user wishes, slurps tabs from Chrome without permission

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Ivanti releases patches for VPN zero-days, discloses two more high-severity vulns

Many versions still without fixes while sophisticated attackers bypass mitigations Ivanti has finally released the first round of patches for vulnerability-stricken Connect Secure and Policy Secure gateways, but in doing so has also found two additional zero-days, one of which is under active exploitation.

Samsung pins hopes on AI to return to growth this year

Next generation of devices are going to be packed with it requiring lots and lots of memory Samsung Electronics' is betting that demand for generative AI will equate to a busy year for memory sales.


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ZLoader Reloaded: il trojan bancario rinasce dalle sue ceneri e minaccia la distribuzione del ransomware

Investors threw 50% less money at quantum last year

Yep, you guessed it at least some of them swapped investments out for gen AI Quantum companies received 50 percent less venture cap funding last year as investors switched to generative AI or shied away from risky bets on Silicon Valley startups. Progress in quantum computing is being made, but practical applications of the technol

Hacker News: Alert: Ivanti Discloses 2 New Zero-Day Flaws, One Under Active Exploitation

100 Google One, -

The Register: Dell kills sweetheart distribution deal with Broadcom's VMware

Linux in Pericolo: una privilege escalation consente laccesso a Root sulle principali distribuzioni


You didn't say what it meant in the marketing sense, now I'm so curious

I love learning things from the older generation of professionals or even retired IT professionals they have such interesting perspectives and details

Just a bit of a rant from in

Have a customer who bought storage from us. They then migrated their mission-critical data from physical servers connected to storage to virtual servers connected through new switches and new hypervisors to new storage. They moved everything over, saw that it didn't work, and moved everything back. No testing, no nothing.

They then came back to us and said, "Your storage sucks and you installed it wrong." Fun stuff.

Microsoft posts another set of bumper results. Market's response Meh

Forecast worries or AI fatigue kicking in Redmond has an important 12 months ahead Microsoft's Q2 results failed to impress the markets yesterday, as the company's stock dropped despite some impressive numbers and the usual quantities of AI bluster.

Another Cerner/Oracle to Epic conversion.

Regional West settles with Oracle, moves to Epic

"Ongoing cost pressures and problems associated with the Oracle EHR implementation contributed to the two-notch downgrade from "BB+," according to Fitch. "

"the hospital managed to settle for a $6 million payout, a substantial reduction from Oracle's initial demand of $15 million"


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'Exemplar' digital hospitals trust hit by multiple tech-related traumas

Retrieving electronic records takes 45 minutes and staff say they don't have time to use systems An award-winning IT rollout at one of the UK's largest hospitals trusts is beset with problems that prevent staff from accessing the data they need, creating inconsistent and insecure electronic patient recor

Hacker News: Italian Businesses Hit by Weaponized USBs Spreading Cryptojacking Malware

AMD - $1,5 , - -

The Register: Square Kilometre Array prototype 'scope achieves first light

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