Euro cops disrupt malware droppers, seize

Euro cops disrupt malware droppers, seize thousands of domains

Operation Endgame just beginning: 'Stay tuned,' says Europol An international law enforcement operation led by Europol has kicked off with the announcement of multiple arrests, searches, seizures and takedowns of malware droppers and their operators.

Windows 11 24H2 might call time on that old NAS under the stairs

Avoidance of evil intent means required SMB signing and no more guest fallback Microsoft's Ned Pyle has issued a warning to Windows 11 24H2 users. Security has been tightened up, so attempting to access some third-party Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices or a USB drive plugged into certain routers might fail.

Hacker News: FlyingYeti Exploits WinRAR Vulnerability to Deliver COOKBOX Malware in Ukraine

The Register: Why RISC-V must get its messaging right on open standard vs open source

5,5 milioni di installazioni di App Android portano a bordo il Trojan Ansata Banker

Gli analisti di Zscaler hanno avvertito che il bancario si nuovamente infiltrato nel .

Scuriser le rseau des PME avec TP-Link Omada Partie 1 : dtecter et bloquer les menaces En tant que PME ou TPE, comment scuriser son rseau l'aide de la solution TP-Link Omada Dbut de rponse avec la dtection et le blocage des menaces.
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3 weitere Schulen in Beri und Gorade, und erhielten von gespendete 40 PCs und Laptops. Die Auslieferung erfolgte ber unseren Partner Aktion Leben und Lernen in Bosnien e.V. Vielen Dank, vor allem an Herbert Schrer.

European Space Agency's Vega-C rocket a step closer to returning to flight

Latest nozzle redesign means a late 2024 launch is on the cards The European Space Agency (ESA) is getting closer to returning its Vega-C rocket to flight following a successful test by the prime contractor, Avio, at its Italian test facility.

Seeing this fence hold back the flood is like watching your hold back a barrage of bug reports.

Salesforce expects lowest quarterly growth in two decades

Allure of AI fails to inspire customers to increase software spending with CRM giant Salesforce has disappointed investors by posting revenue below expectation and forecasting sales for the next quarter at the lowest level of growth for more than two decades.

Hacker News: RedTail Crypto-Mining Malware Exploiting Palo Alto Networks Firewall Vulnerability

The Register: Arm is so, so over this AI accelerator unit craze

Cybercriminals raid BBC pension database, steal records of over 25,000 people

This just in: We lost your personal info, but here's 2 years' worth of Experian The BBC has emailed more than 25,000 current and former employees on one of its pension schemes after an unauthorized party broke into a database and stole their personal data.

If your IT department is always saying no, its the leaders fault.

Quelle surprise. But what's worrying is how apparently 'tech 'n meeja' savvy young people are so easily taken in by propaganda - err, I mean 'hype and marketing'.

"...Very few people are regularly using "much hyped" artificial intelligence (AI) products like ChatGPT, a survey suggests...

"...But the study... says young people are bucking the trend, with 18 to 24-year-olds the most eager adopters of the tech..."

Attacco alla VPN Check Point: Rilasciata Patch di Emergenza per la Vulnerabilit 0-day

Gli aggressori stanno prendendo di mira la Remote Access come parte di una campagna volta a compromettere le reti aziendali. Gli hanno gi rilasciato una di emergenza per la 0-day.

As enterprises today increasingly use cloud services, it is important to apply the concept of penetration testing to the cloud.

AI-driven predictive analytics for proactive IT management utilizes artificial intelligence to forecast and prevent potential IT issues before they occur.
More info:

Hacker News: How to Build Your Autonomous SOC Strategy

The Register: Multi-day DDoS storm batters Internet Archive

IT worker sued over vengeful cyber harassment of policeman who issued a jaywalking ticket

His hospital employer is also being sued for not stepping in sooner In an ongoing civil lawsuit, an IT worker is accused of launching a "destructive cyber campaign of hate and revenge" against a police officer and his family after being issued with a ticket for jaywalking.

Windows 11 24H2 Ce qui change pour accder aux partages sur un NAS (en SMB) Vous utilisez Windows 11 24H2 et vous obtenez une erreur lors de la connexion un partage sur votre NAS Dcouvrez pourquoi et comment rsoudre ce problme.
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Een diepgaande kijk op cyberveiligheid en technologie: belangrijkste trends en ontwikkelingen intelligentie trends innovatie -leiderschap

Promising results for osteoarthritis treatments tested in space

More work needed to translate ISS success into something that can be used on Earth Boffins have used conditions aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to try out treatments for posttraumatic osteoarthritis.

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

Over 90 malicious Android Apps with 5.5M Installs found on Google Play.

Over 90 malicious Android apps were found installed over 5.5 million times through Google Play to deliver malware and adware, with the Anatsa banking trojan seeing a recent surge in activity.

IBM spin-off Kyndryl accused of discriminating on basis of age, race, disability

Five current and former employees file formal charges with US employment watchdog Exclusive  Kyndryl, the IT services firm spun out of IBM, has been accused by multiple employees within its CISO Defense security group of discrimination on the basis of age, race, and disability, in both internal compla

Hacker News: Europol Shuts Down 100+ Servers Linked to IcedID, TrickBot, and Other Malware

Das muss als Quelle noch nachgereicht werden:

The Register: Microsoft's Recall preview doesn't need a Copilot+ PC to run

Pretty much all of the headaches affecting MSPs are due to cybersecurity

More cybercrime means more problems and understaffed teams stretched to the limit Managed Service Partners (MSPs) say cybersecurity dwarfs all other main concerns about staying competitive in today's market.

Operazione Endgame: Europol Demolisce Le Reti Botnet e Dropper e Arresta i Cybercriminali

Tra il 27 e il 29 maggio 2024 loperazione , coordinata dal quartier generale di , ha preso di mira i dropper tra cui , , , , e .

Wir brauchen DRINGEND deutlich strkere digitale Verbraucherrechte in der ..!!!

AI future: Nvidia boffin hopes 'everything that moves will eventually be autonomous'

Welcome to the 'agentic' era Video  The GenAI Summit 2024 opened at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California, on Wednesday, and the people, who came to hear about artificial intelligence, had made a mess of things.

The ultimate remote IT service

After a crisis in interstellar space, stream of Voyager 1 data resumes. Before its computer crashed, the venerable NASA probe may have entered mysterious new region beyond the Solar System.

by Collin Blinder for Science Magazine

Comment vrifier lauthenticit dune image ISO : Windows, Office, etc Dans ce tutoriel, nous allons apprendre vrifier l'authenticit d'une image ISO Windows 10, Windows 11, Office ou tout autre produit de chez Microsoft.
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Hacker News: U.S. Dismantles World's Largest 911 S5 Botnet, with 19 Million Infected Devices

The Register: MIT professor hoses down predictions AI will put a rocket under the economy

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Blame the SSD price hike on enterprise demand for AI servers

Samsung, SK, Kioxia and others make bank, booking double digit bounces in Q1 revenue NAND flash industry revenue is surfing a growth wave thanks to demand for solid state drives (SSDs) in AI servers, meaning increased prices for buyers as OEMs rush to stockpile components.

Arm is so, so over this AI accelerator unit craze

As it offers 3nm shake-and-bake Cortex-X925, A725 processor designs for phones, PCs Analysis  Arm this week announced the availability of new top-end CPU and GPU designs ready made for system-on-chips for laptops, smartphones, and similar personal electronics. These cores are expected to power next-gen Android phones, at least, by late 2024.

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