Der berraschende Rauswurf von Sam Altman

Der berraschende Rauswurf von Sam Altman bei OpenAI, einer der in Sachen knstliche Intelligenz () weltweit fhrenden Firmen, sorgt weiter fr Spekulationen. Die Hintergrnde bleiben rtselhaft, gelten finanzielle Grnde doch als unwahrscheinlich. Altman galt nicht nur als Meister der Geldbeschaffung, er war auch das Gesicht von OpenAI und im weiteren Sinne auch des Booms bei knstlicher Intelligenz.

Il caso Turetta-Cecchettin e il giallo della doppia spunta grigia. Facciamo chiarezza

A distanza di sette giorni dalla , ci si sul motivo per cui Filippo risulti ancora attivo su .

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TFW you are on vacation, happily crocheting a hat, listening to Amy Winehouse, and suddenly out of nowhere an elegant, simple solution to the problem you had last week pops into your head, but you are ON VACATION and refuse to go write it down even though you know you will forget it later.


vorbete despre consolidarea cooperrii cu Zanzibar n , , cultur i situaii de urgen.

The Register: What do Apple, Meta, TikTok have in common Fighting off Europe's stiff antitrust rules

Im excited to engage in Ph.D studies after waiting all too long. Im going to integrate my current applied research at RISE in areas such as Digital Resilience and initiatives like LOFT into research at the University of Gothenburg's Applied IT Department, joining the Digital Governance graduate school, connected to the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation (SCDI).

Angajaii din pltesc de la nceputul lunii taxe mai mari statului. Ce trebuie s tii despre eliminarea scutirii de impozit pentru -iti.

SpaceX Starship: Secondo Tentativo, Secondo Fallimento! Il Futuro delle Missioni Spaziali in Pericolo

The Register: Double Moon crater riddle solved Spent Chinese rocket booster carrying mystery payload crash landed

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Un 18 de novembre s'estrenava IT (1990) d'en Tommy Lee Wallace.

La minisrie que adaptava la novella de l'Stephen King.

Amb una grandssima interpretaci d'en Tim Curry.

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Apple, Disney, Paramount X Twitter -

Mal an die ITLer hier gefragt: gibt es bei Euch im Unternehmen klare Richtlinien fr:
1 Admin fr x Client PCs oder hnliches
Das ist natrlich bertragbar auf Datenbanken, Switch(Ports) Server usw.

Knnen sich die Admins dann zustzliche Stellen beantragen wenn die Zahl deutlich berschritten wird

Natrlich knnen die Zahlen alle paar Jahre diskutiert werden, weil es mehr Automatisierung gibt

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Vllig unerwartet: OpenAI feuert Grnder Sam Altman

OpenAI - -E

Ich miste ein wenig aus und hab ein paar Bcher hier, die ich nicht mehr brauche. Auf Grund meines Alters : leider nicht die neueste Auflage

- Nolting, Grundkurs der theo. Physik 3 (E-Dynamik)
- Fliebach, Statische Physik
- Hildebrandt, Analysis 1
- Bosch, Lineare Algebra
- Ross, Statistik f. Ingenieure
- Kuypers, klass. Mechanik

- Secure Coding in C, C++

- May, Fundamentals of Semiconductor Manuf. and Process Control.

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: fordern Trennung von Funktions- und Sicherheitsupdates

Separate , gedeckelte Ersatzteilpreise, -Pflicht: Die Grnen fordern Manahmen fr langlebigere Hardware und klimafreundliche .

Lecografo lo porterai sempre con te con i cerotti ad ultrasuoni indossabili del MIT

Gli scienziati del Massachusetts Institute of Technology () hanno sviluppato un a indossabile che pu essere utilizzato come un cerotto e pu visualizzare gli organi interni senza luso di strumenti medici.

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What's really going on with Chrome's June crackdown on extensions and why your ad blocker may or may not work

Manifest V3 transition deemed 'far from terrible' and yet not great for content filters Special report  Web advert blockers and other Chrome extensions will stop working by June 2024 unless they've been revamped to keep up with Google's changes to its ubiquitous browse

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Is America's chip blockade working against China So far, our survey says: No

Middle Kingdom can get its hands on hardware now and still make better stuff later Kettle  It's a transpacific Kettle episode.

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Attacco informatico allOspedale di Verona. Lazienda sanitaria emette una nota stampa

opportunity (full time permanent)!

We're looking for a Support Analyst for the School of Performing and Digital Arts at Royal Holloway, University of

Are you well-organised, have in depth knowledge of systems, ideally in creative arts education, and experience in remote and local software deployment Do you have working knowledge in mass storage, media asset management and have taken on project management/oversight of new systems

Yes! If so, we'd love to hear from you.

Applications are due by 23.59 GMT on 1 December 2023.

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Sicurezza Informatica OT: I rischiosi confini tra passato e futuro delle infrastrutture critiche


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