Cyber-crooks slip into Vans, trample over

Cyber-crooks slip into Vans, trample over operations

IT systems encrypted, personal data pilfered from North Face parent, we're told A digital break-in has disrupted VF Corp's operations and its ability to fulfill orders, according to the apparel and footwear giant.

Adobe ditches $20B Figma takeover after pressure from monopoly watchdogs

Photoshop giant must fork out $1B break-up fee Adobe has decided to abandon its $20 billion acquisition of Figma in a concession to regulatory pressure in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Zuckerberg hunkers down in Hawaii to wait out apocalypse

$270M secret building project includes 5,000 sq ft bunker On a remote part of Kauai, the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, someone with a lot of money is bankrolling an extensive construction project.


Apple pulls Watch Series 9, Ultra 2 from shelves after Masimo patent brawl

Get those holiday orders wrapped up now, because the bell tolls for iStrap If you're planning to give someone an Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2 for the holidays you'd better act fast: Apple plans to pull both models from shelves in mere days after losing a patent fight earlier this year. 

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The Register: CLIs are simply wizard at character building. Lets not keep them to ourselves

The Generation is effective at and using disruptive for

Facing stiff competition, Intel's Lisa Spelman reflects on Xeon hurdles, opportunities

With the Emerald Rapids, Chipzilla's Xeon roadmap is back on track now it just needs to stay there Interview  Intel's 5th-gen Xeon server processors have launched into the most competitive CPU market in years.

It always cracks me up when people think is more difficult or complex than .
You have to use registry editors, group policy editors, and other special programs to administrate windows and it always blows windows admin minds when I show them you just need a text editor for Linux.
The reality is its not more complex, its actually simpler, its just not something youre familiar with is all.
Spend a few weeks living in Linux youll be cursing windows.

E stata LockBit a colpire la WestPole. Cosa Hanno Sottratto oltre a Bloccare le Infrastrutture

A Classic: it includes the last critical CVEs of the year....

EU launches investigation into X under Digital Services Act

Musk-owned platform first to face freshly minted rules Elon Musk's X has earned the dubious honor of being the first online platform to have formal Digital Services Act (DSA) proceedings launched against it, with the European Commission accusing it of disseminating illegal content among other violations of the recently enacted rule

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The Register: Your landlord should offer on-prem cloud, suggests immersed datacenter upstart

Apple's easiest to replace battery is in... an iMac

iFixit tears down the M3 workstation The iFixit gang has rounded out their year by tearing into 2023's M3 iMac, where they found Apple's most replaceable battery yet.

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Microsoft puts the 'why' in Wi-Fi with latest Windows patch

Microsoft stuffs IT admin Christmas stockings with network issues Microsoft has broken Wi-Fi connectivity for some users with a recent Windows update.

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Black Friday e Cyber Monday: acquisti online, saldi e attacchi di Magecart

Hacker News: Automate Compliance & Strengthen Security Posture: Watch the 3-Minute Demo Video

The Register: PLACEHOLDER ONLY Someone please write witty headline here

Adobe Figma $20 -

IBM buys 50-year-old Software AG's enterprise tech units for 2.13B in cash

Big Blue shall not iPaaS up on app integration, APIs and data management to help with AI push IBM will buy two of European software industry veteran Software AG's tech platforms for 2.13 billion in cash.

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National Grid latest UK org to zap Chinese kit from critical infrastructure

Move reportedly made after consulting with National Cyber Security Centre The National Grid is reportedly the latest organization in the UK to begin pulling China-manufactured equipment from its network over cybersecurity fears.

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The Register: Missing tomatoes ketchup with ISS crew after almost a year lost in space

Hello fellow system admins, I'm looking for suggestions on monitoring software for large infrastructures.

I'm looking for something that will monitor and discover UPS's, firewalls, switches, ESXI hosts, and individual VMs (Windows Server and different Linux distros).

For the VMs, it's a must to be able to monitor and have an overview on both the networking side and the OS itself, like logging, processes.

Currently, Zabbix is being used, but I'm looking for other alternatives, but fine to stay with Zabbix if that's the best to achieve everything I've asked about.

It would feature the basic stuff as being able to group specific hosts into one specific group, have alerts, SNMP CDP and other discovery protocols.

IBM 2 Software AG 2,1 -

SUSE's Captain Container on sailing the open source seas

Peter Smails talks community, licensing, and AI pragmatism Interview  Open source companies do not run on goodwill alone, and industry veteran SUSE is walking the tighrope between pleasing the community and charging cold hard cash for some of its wares.

The more I try and stay current with and the more I realize what I don't know and that I have a lot more to learn. The is changing at lightning speed.

UK will be HQ for high-flying next-gen fighter jet treaty with Italy, Japan

Global Combat Air Program aims to replace Eurofighter Typhoon and Mitsubishi F-2 Britain will be acting as headquarters for a not-so-secret next-generation fighter aircraft program the UK has linked up with Japan and Italy to build, the MoD revealed late last week.

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The Register: CLIs are simply wizard at character building. Lets not keep them to ourselves

CLIs are simply wizard at character building. Lets not keep them to ourselves

The magic that defied the iron will of Steve Jobs has a lot more to offer Opinion  The passage of time can harsh one's mellow in bittersweet ways. Tech anniversaries, while they do make you feel "That can't be true, it was just the other year," also offer the chance of a bit of fun in the form of emulated nostal

17.000 cPanel in vendita nelle underground. Oltre 400 sono di aziende italiane

PLACEHOLDER ONLY Someone please write witty headline here

Some jokes don't deseve an audience Who, Me  As the year rolls down to its inevitable conclusion, we're running out of Mondays. But have no fear, gentle reader future Mondays will bring you further installments of Who, Me in which Register readers share their tales of tech support gone wrong.

The Importance of Having a Living Will in Australia.