Cruise blues: Robotaxi firm pauses all

Cruise blues: Robotaxi firm pauses all driverless operations

Decision comes after CA revokes firm's driverless license and NHTSA signal an investigation Robotaxi operator Cruise's bad week just keeps getting worse: Now the GM-backed business has paused driverless operations across the entire fleet.

10 Most Rewatched Horror Movies, According to Letterboxd


L'orgoglio informatico italiano che in pochi conoscono

How Far is it?

F5 hurriedly squashes BIG-IP remote code execution bug

Fixes came earlier than scheduled as vulnerability became known to outsiders F5 has issued a fix for a remote code execution (RCE) bug in its BIG-IP suite carrying a near-maximum severity score.

The Register: Forget the outside hacker, the bigger threat is inside by the coffee machine

The Indian IT sector, represented by Nasscom, has expressed concerns about certain aspects of the proposed rule for H-1B visa modernization released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The tightening of requirements for H-1B 'specialty occupations' and other hurdles could make it difficult for companies to hire skilled workers. However, there are positive changes in the proposed rule that aim to streamline the H-1B process and provide more flexibility for applicants.

iLeakage: il Side Channel per device Apple che consente laccesso ad informazioni sensibili visitando un sito web

Un gruppo di ha un chiamato , che funziona contro i dispositivi e consente di estrarre sensibili dal , comprese password e contenuti delle schede.

I need indications of email servers that accept relay transmission.

The MX will point to the Microsoft Exchange server, but emails that do not exist on the MS server will be relayed to this secondary server.

Russia hustles to fill impending void left by the ISS

First module of new space station to be launched in 2027 Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a project to build an Orbital Station following a meeting regarding the development of the country's space industry.

The battle between open source and 'sort of' open source is as old as software

There's nothing new about HashiCorp leaving the principle behind Opinion  At the Linux Foundation Members Summit in Monterrey, California, topic number one was artificial intelligence and open source. Number two was about HashiCorp dumping Terraform's Mozilla Public License (MPL) for the Business

Hacker News: N. Korean Lazarus Group Targets Software Vendor Using Known Flaws

The Register: Ask a builder to fix a server and out come the vastly inappropriate power tools

Tenfold electric vehicles on 2030 roads could be a shock to the system

Robust policies for renewables needed to increase energy mix to nearly 50% There could be ten times the number of electric cars on the road by 2030 and stronger renewable energy policies are needed not just to keep them powered, but cleanly.

AWS CEO talks up AI to focus minds of Wall Street types

Q3 sales below forecasts, profits up, and conversation centers on LLMs and GenAI Amazon's cloud biz disappointed analysts with lower-than-expected sales as customers generally continue to look for ways to cut costs rather than spin up new instances.

Woah, an actually useful training call! Where am I!

Hacker News: Kubernetes Security: Challenges & Solutions for Cloud Native Applications

The Register: Airbus commissions three wind-powered ships to sail the Atlantic

Lost and Stolen Devices: A Gateway to Data Breaches and Leaks

Only 7% of security decision makers are concerned about a lost or stolen asset causing a breach, even though such incidents account for 17% of breaches. Such assets can include smartphones, tablets, laptops, external hard drives, and USB flash drives

Microsoft unveils shady shenanigans of Octo Tempest and their cyber-trickery toolkit

Gang thought to be behind attack on MGM Resorts has a skillset larger than most cybercrime groups in existence Microsoft's latest report on "one of the most dangerous financial criminal groups" operating offers security pros an abundance of threat intelligence to protect themselves from its myriad tacti

Clippy-like AI at forefront of Windows update previews

Bugfixes for Windows 10, but 11 is where the Copilot action is Microsoft has rolled out updates for Windows 10 and 11 in the form of KB5031445 and KB5031455, respectively, which fix bugs in both and turn on new features in the latter.


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Hacker News: How to Keep Your Business Running in a Contested Environment

The Register:

FevaWorks IT +

The post FevaWorks IT + appeared first on unwire.hk .

Welp, time to I guess.

I can figure anything out. Lately I do for Hollywood as a (, , ). Before that role, I built the render farm and did all the for Tangent for the first 4 years.

I like life, but a *nix admin role is perfectly agreeable to me, albeit a bit boring since I learned to code. Local & Hybrid would be great, Remote is most likely what's gonna work.

Available Nov 6.

King Charles III signs off on UK Online Safety Act, with unenforceable spying clause

It's now up to Ofcom to sort out this messy legislation With the assent of King Charles, the United Kingdom's Online Safety Act has become law, one that the British government says will "make the UK the safest place in the world to be online."

Programmiersprache: Rust fr Neugierige

Auch ich mag Rust, obwohl ich es noch nicht ganz verstehe und es immer noch lerne. Es ist "anders" aber spannend, wie die Sicherheit der Daten im Vordergrund steht.

Xbox Microsoft Gaming -

Mars' iron core surrounded by molten rock, seismic studies show

Two new pieces of research suggest center is smaller than previously thought Two new studies from a NASA Mars probe suggest the red planet's core is surrounded by a layer of molten rock, and the core is smaller than previously thought.

The Register: PIRG petitions Microsoft to extend the life of Windows 10


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PIRG petitions Microsoft to extend the life of Windows 10

Do not go gentle into that overflowing landfill The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) has delivered a petition to Microsoft calling on the company to rethink the impending abandonment of Windows 10 in the face of millions of PCs potentially being rendered eligible for landfill overnight.

La preparazione cyber di Teheran per gli attacchi del 7 ottobre ad Israele

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Minacce Silenziose nel Mondo Digitale: La Vulnerabilit delle Infrastrutture Critiche

So tired of the boys club. I need a woman to work with. Where my fellow female techs at

Ask a builder to fix a server and out come the vastly inappropriate power tools

Sure, go ahead, make more dust while I deal with a client who doesn't care about redundancy On Call  With Friday upon us, the green-thumbed among you may have some gardening planned for the weekend. Before you dig into that chore, The Register presents another instalment of On Call, our weekly reader contributed tale of be