cause she's needs to remind the world she's fake

CurlyyLocksss Gotham ☔️
cause she's needs to remind the world she's fake
ladawnboyyy 52Block
😇wen u gonna stop bein fake 🖕🏾
@NnennaSays_ yeah well without the one we thought, your marriage will be sparkly and boring

International fabrics

cardshark87571 Michigan, USA
#russiahack Because the annoited Clinton can only lose by being cheated. Typical Marxist move create fake enemy to incite stupid mob
hugosilvaa15 Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Where fake niggas don't make it back
@sholt87 @RonKlopfanstein Seems as though it might ensure that Twitter will not have government approval to stop my ideas re marriage.
LaceyLynn15 Rodeo Road
I have to go to Groveton tomorrow, getting help with my AET record book. One step closer to getting my American Degree.
amitpkr Saitama-shi Sakura-ku, Saitama
@JaanlevaAdaa @JDBtheROCKING6 @BiggBoss what a fake thing. Previously when karishma was remembering upen, he returned LOL. Fake show boycott
BrainFartRetard Alabama, USA
@M0nte64 @VicenteFoxQue It is the RUUUUSSSSIIIANNNNS! When this story gets canned, I hope they charge every mem of media involved. FAKE NEWS
miketherien Ottawa, Ontario
Can some people stop pretending " fake news" = predictions that end up wrong. fake news is intentional lies. Some o…
fake energy don't move us!
vizcities Baltimore, MD
@Fake_news_myass Haha, this was fun. Give my regards to your "friends" and whatever #RealNews sites you manage to find.
cdickens81 Somewhere btw Heaven & Hell
When customers be like.."I've already done this", "I have a degree in (insert irrelevant field…
PaulTown_ Brooklyn, NY
"beware fake news" - CNN anchor and white supremacist George Zimmerman
b99gilmore Los Angeles, CA
@b99gilmore I was behind on 3 episodes I was such a fake fan who am I what happened to me
europecoinEUORG Marketing by
#EU wants 2 criminalize "FAKE NEWS" - I can't whait then, to get THEM sued first #europecoin #freedom #crypto…
Fake Documents
tsarinashelbs Melbourne, Victoria
@lindsaydemeola how can you fake your height WHAT
@Boogie2988 Get a fake job!
NailedItbyEmma Welshpool, Powys
GET YOUR PARTY TAN BOOKED NOW! Fake Bake Spray Tan only £15 One of our recent clients…
First dates makes me scared to ever get into a marriage 😩why are so many people unfaithful 😨
nickandress22 OV AZ
Tryna buy alcohol with a fake like
tiff_hurt Norman, OK
Bitch is still hanging around my ex and you wonder why I dropped your ass.. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽one a fake bitch always a fake bitch
So you are watching "fake news" for 98% of the entire show? You are tough as nails! I watch 0.05% & I am ready to b…

Created: 12 Dec 2016