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Building a seamless DevOps pipeline with the right tolls!

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Achtung, Trigger-Warnung

Hello hello / folks. I am trying to find a tool/website that will help me accurately draw out a server room re-organization at work, there will be a new circuit added, and things will all need to be moved, rewired, etc. I just cannot find something that lets me design it in a simple way. I could of course do something in photoshop, but I would really rather have a tool meant for the task. I just know there has to be one somewhere.

If anyone knows of a tool matching this, or even coming sorta close to this description, please let me know, and thank you!!

Finally it's here! Second list of 25 awesome end user, open source apps! You'll find many amazing apps to use right away!

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Full-time Software Engineer (Wikidata) (m/f/d) at Wikimedia Deutschland

So no rush on this, as I'll end up doing it in a virtual machine for practice later --

do any wiz/guru type people have any suggestions for learning how to set up a SMB share that windows pcs can access on Linux

I've struggled using UIs to set this up, could probably do it via scripting, but I have no idea where to start.

I'd love to swap our home server for one in Linux with Docker items but for right now Win Server is easier to access/use for us.

Any thoughts, ideas/suggestions welcome!

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Sony 2023 Xperia 5 V

After a Windows 11 update made my laptop slow, I finally decided to switch to Ubuntu Linux as my only OS permanently. I feel like its pros outweigh the cons, and now my laptop is faster than it was when it was new. Better performance and a quieter work environment overall. Try it, it's free!

Lera dei robot militari autonomi arrivata. I Replicator verranno prodotti negli USA per contrastare il RPC

Il Dipartimento della Difesa degli ha annunciato ufficialmente il lancio del , che mira a produrre e schierare migliaia di da nei prossimi due anni.

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We're Chorus Innovations! If you're an IT Engineer and live in the Long Beach, California area, take a moment to read about this tranformative, hybrid role.

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Vor einer Woche hatten die #Stadtwerke #Neumnster gemeldet, dass sie in ihren IT-Systemen einen "Spionageversuch" . Sie wollten das innerhalb einer Woche repariert haben, was ja arg optimistisch war. Der Schaden scheint dramatischer zu sein, als dort zunchst angenommen.
Die Meldung auf deren Website von letzter Woche wurde nun etwas ergnzt, so dass sich der Umfang des Schadens schon etwas dramatischer erscheint. #KRITIS #Energie #IT
Aufgrund der heruntergefahrenen Systeme knnen wir die anstehenden Abbuchungen bei unseren Energie- und Telekommunikationskund*innen nicht vornehmen. Genauso verhlt es sich mit Rechnungsbetrgen und Guthaben. Auch diese knnen derzeit nicht bearbeitet werden. Alle Kundinnen und Kunden mit Einzugsberechtigung bitten wir darum, die Betrge nicht manuell zu berweisen, da dies zu einem erhhten Mehraufwand fhren wird. Die Abbuchung wird nachgeholt, sobald es uns wieder mglich ist. Einen genauen Zeitpunkt knnen wir aber aktuell nicht nennen. Dauerauftrge werden weiterhin bearbeitet, genauso wie Eingnge von Kundinnen und Kunden, die immer manuell berweisen.

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Elektroautos frdern: Ifo-Institut pldiert fr Abschaffung der Stromsteuer


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Hacker News: Russian State-Backed 'Infamous Chisel' Android Malware Targets Ukrainian Military

The Register: Arm wrestles assembly language guru's domains away citing trademark issues


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Just a reminder that one of the most amusing and entertaining regular features at The Register is written by a product of - Simon Travaglia's BOFH escapades are always good for a chuckle

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