Authorities dismantled LockBit before it could

Authorities dismantled LockBit before it could unleash revamped variant

New features aimed to stamp out problems of the past Law enforcement's disruption of the LockBit ransomware crew comes as the criminal group was working on bringing a brand-new variant to market, research reveals.

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Intuitive Machines' Odysseus prepares for lunar landing

It slides into orbit. Now comes (another) hard part Intuitive Machines has tweaked today's lunar landing time to 2230 UTC following the successful insertion of its Odysseus lander into lunar orbit.

Nokia brainwave turns cell towers into cash cows with backup batteries

Lower operator energy costs or sell power back to grid for $$$ Nokia is tempting mobile network operators with a tool that it thinks will help them monetize the backup battery storage at their cell base station sites.

Hacker News: Apple Unveils PQ3 Protocol - Post-Quantum Encryption for iMessage

The Register: Prompt engineering is a task best left to AI models

The First Message Sent in the History of the Internet

Today, exchanging a message through or is a normal gesture, part of the activities we carry out in our daily lives. In all the history books, it is that on the evening of July 20, 1969 at 20:17, Neil Armstrong, after setting foot on the moon said the famous phrase:

Web archive user's $14k BigQuery bill shock after running queries on 'free' dataset

Researcher makes case for default limits after arriving via Python library A user left with a surprise bill for thousands of dollars after running queries on Google's BigQuery data warehouse has sparked a debate about how vendors should place limits on the use of their tools.

LockBit Operazione Cronos. Trend Micro sotto copertura ha consentito alle forze dellordine un vantaggio strategico

How Far is it?

Japanese Yakuza boss charged with nuclear trafficking by the US

No, this isn't a pitch for a Godzilla sequel A Japanese Yakuza leader is being charged with trafficking nuclear materials by US prosecutors.

Hacker News: Russian Government Software Backdoored to Deploy Konni RAT Malware

The Register: Americans wake to widespread cellular outages, cause unclear

Employees saved Musk from himself over Twitter Files

Unfettered access to non-public info would have violated FTC order Longtime Twitter staffers saved Elon Musk from himself, according to a letter from the US Federal Trade Commission chair.

Ukrainian police arrest father and son in suspected LockBit affiliate double act

If they did it, it gives new meaning to quality family time. Meanwhile, key LockBit leaders remain at large Today's edition of the week-long LockBit leaks reveals a father-son duo was apprehended in Ukraine as part of the series of takedown-related arrests this week.

Amazon seeks to avoid labor problems by abolishing national regulators

Big Tech takes aim at Big Government Amazon, currently fighting a legal battle with the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) over its treatment of workers, is arguing that the labor agency is unconstitutional. And it's not the only company testing that line of reasoning.

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AI is going to need a global investment, just maybe not $7T, says OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

Maker of sometimes less than accurate AI chatbot reminds everyone not to believe everything you read on the net FDC  OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has driven a lot of hype around generative AI, but as he reminded attendees at Intel's Foundry Direct Connect (FDC) event Wednesday, not everything you read on the interne

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Our instance at work logs us out every like, 5 mintutes. It's a several step process to log back in and get back to my ticket. As a result I usually just ignore tickets until it's time to close them.

Really love to fix this, I don't work with the software itself though. Anyone had and solved this issue We use windows auth (but it's not seemless, not by a loooong shot)

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FYI: Hardening Guide, new Technical paper

My team isn't hiring right now, but suspect we will be soon. In any case, the company is hiring.

Just announced today: half day Fridays and two-days in office for most teams.

Lots of different roles:

Lots of different brands:

Hacker News: A New Age of Hacktivism

The Register: Americans wake to widespread cellular outages, cause unclear

Americans wake to widespread cellular outages, cause unclear

Most reports center on AT&T, which has admitted trouble T-Mobile, Verizon deny issues Residents of the United States woke this morning to find widespread outages in cellular service, with AT&T bearing the brunt of a seemingly nationwide issue.

Grosser Schweizer 'vermittler gehackt viele Kundendaten im Darknet:
Die russische Ransomware-Bande hat der Firma Das Team AG angeblich 200 Gigabyte an Daten gestohlen und im geleakt. Die Verantwortlichen nehmen zum Stellung.
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LockBit e il Falso Impegno: Le Vittime Pagano, ma i Dati Rimangono!

I non mantengono mai le loro promesse! Questo un dato di fatto. Su questo blog lo abbiamo riportato innumerevoli volte e quanto andremo a raccontarvi oggi, un monito che serva da lezione per tutte quelle che rimarranno del in futuro.

EU wants to make undersea internet cables more resilient

Threat to data means submarine infrastructures should get status of 'highest possible national significance' The European Commission has issued recommendations to up the security and resilience of submarine data cables, but says private finance should fund projects to expand capacity, assisted by governments where necessary.

Microsoft extends Copilot in Windows for Insiders

Don't want to learn how Windows works Copilot can help you with that Windows Insiders are set to receive more Copilot in Windows features, following an update for the Canary and Dev Channels to add extra functions for users unwilling to click through icons.


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Boss at one of Microsoft's largest resellers quits, admits secret share deals

London Stock Exchange listed Bytes Technology Group 'working to clarify details' after Neil Murphy resigns Neil Murphy, the boss of Bytes Technology Group one of Microsofts largest cloud and software licensing resellers has quit with immediate effect, at the same time admitting to making secret stock trades

Hacker News: Cybercriminals Weaponizing Open-Source SSH-Snake Tool for Network Attacks

The Register: City council megaproject mulls ditching Oracle after budget balloons to 131M

Op zoek naar een nieuwe baan met dezelfde mindset als jij

Kijk eens naar onze Open Source vacatures.

Maak onderdeel uit van een innoverend team met ambitie tot hechte samenwerkingen.

Bekijk de vacatures

City council megaproject mulls ditching Oracle after budget balloons to 131M

As bankrupt local authority slashes services and hikes taxes, consultants enjoy 1k-a-day while system still can't offer auditable accounts Birmingham City Council, the largest local authority in Europe, is considering ditching Oracle as its main ERP and HR software after a disastrous implementation

Stupid politicians who don't have a clue about It's always funny to hear & the like use IT terminology but use it in the wrong context and/or inappropriately, proving that they just don't have any idea. Sitting ducks for the large companies they are...

CrowdStrike Global Threat Report: laumento delle credenziali rubate il trend del momento

CrowdStrike ha annunciato i emersi dal CrowdStrike Global Threat Report 2024, che evidenziano un aumento degli avversari specializzati nellutilizzo di e per delle lacune negli ambienti e massimizzare le azioni furtive, la velocit e limpatto dei cyber attacchi.

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HijackLoader Expands Techniques to Improve Defense Evasion

In their analysis of a recent sample, researchers new techniques designed to increase the defense evasion capabilities of the loader.

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