Author hopes to throw the book

Author hopes to throw the book at OpenAI, Microsoft with copyright class action

Stop us if you've heard this one before While the chaos unfolding at OpenAI might be amusing to watch, the issue of copyright infringement continues to plague the company after yet another lawsuit was lobbed its way.


Cisco whips up modded switch to secure Ukraine grid against Russian cyberattacks

GPS-jamming tactics were doing much more than simply scrambling missile guidance systems Cisco says it has shipped modified switches to Ukrenergo, Ukraine's state-owned electricity grid operator, to help it withstand Russian cyberattacks aiming to disrupt energy infrastructure.

Hacker News: Why Defenders Should Embrace a Hacker Mindset '

ich dachte, ich knnte zuknftig weniger im posten aber auch heute sind es wieder viele 's von mir zum Thema raus. Einfach weil ich pers. die als wichtig empfinde und deswegen auch hier teile.

Ich euch allen die mir folgen, liken, retooten und kommentieren

The Register: Binance and CEO admit financial crimes, billions coughed up to US govt

OpenAI's CEO merry-go-round tosses out voice feature for ChatGPT

Unsurprisingly, the app doesn't know what's going on at the company either Despite the revolving door of CEOs at OpenAI, the company has found time to update ChatGPT with a freebie voice feature.

El ltimo mdulo: artes oscuras! :witchywink:

Broadcom VMware $61 -

Veteran wingman wants $1.75M from Boeing over emotional turbulence

Cites alleged ageist headwinds A former Boeing employee has filed a brief for damages against the aerospace giant, seeking compensation of $1.75 million for emotional distress after allegedly suffering retaliation for speaking up against "targeting conduct" aimed at older workers.

Am Wochenende haben die Investoren von , darunter auch , vergeblich darum gekmpft, den gefeuerten Chef des Unternehmens, Sam Altman, zurckzuholen. Stattdessen sollte Altman zu Microsoft wechseln. Nun ist wieder alles anders. Heute Frh (MEZ) kndigte OpenAI die Rckkehr von Altman und Mitgrnder Greg Brockman an.

Hacker News: New Flaws in Fingerprint Sensors Let Attackers Bypass Windows Hello Login

The Register: HP chief throws about AI fairy dust in hopes of reviving slumbering PC giant

Ludziska jaki polecacie serwer DNS do PiHole Obecnie korzystam z i ostatnio zacz zamula, wic myl o zmianie.

Omg. I forgot theres a bunch of side effects of me not having a dedicated computer! (Using an old linux laptop RN.)
(I've been in semi burnout)

I cant do pixel art. I cant do digital painting (with clip studio paint.)
I can't spin up virtual machines for cybersec study
Studying python has been hard
My renPy VN game WIPs are on my old HDD.
No 3d modeling

I'm counting on the Black Friday sales to find something good.

I appreciate the Patreon/Kofi/Etsy purchases!

New favorite windows utility/command (I believe this works in Powershell 3.0+)

powercfg /sleepstudy

Generates a nice html report of the power records of a laptop, makes it easy to identify issues

HP chief throws about AI fairy dust in hopes of reviving slumbering PC giant

What is double of 15% sales shrinkage HP CEO Enrique Lores is betting a sprinkle of AI dust can regenerate the flagging PC market and with shipments still in decline across the industry, he can't afford to tease Wall Street.

An einer am der nahmen am 20. November rund 250 Mitarbeitende unterschiedlicher Arbeitsbereiche der Universitt, wie beispielsweise den Mensen, der , dem /lichen Mittelbau sowie den . 1/2

Hach ja lieber 'er Bund: Vertrauen ist gut doch Kontrolle ist sicher und das jedes mal!

Bund hat IT- auch bei Concevis nicht geprft:
Innert eines halben Jahres wurden zwei -Dienstleister des Bundes von angegriffen. In der Verantwortung stehen zwar beide Parteien, aber der hat zweimal denselben Fehler gemacht.

Robocar tech biz sues Nvidia, claims stolen code shared in Teams meeting blunder

Two companies both online when slide was viewed at presentation Nvidia is facing legal action in the US for theft of trade secrets from a German automotive company, which alleges its ex-employee made an epic blunder of showing something he shouldn't have when minimizing a Powerpoint slide at a join

Hacker News: Are Your Web Applications Safe from Malware

The Register: Arm's tiny Cortex-M52 packs AI punch for small devices

Arm's tiny Cortex-M52 packs AI punch for small devices

Helium tech to end up on $1-$2 SoCs claimed to bring big performance gains for ML workloads Arm is aiming to infuse AI into connected devices and other low-power hardware with an addition to its Cortex-M line-up of microcontroller core designs.


We are looking for an employee to join the eScience Center! Do you want to play an important role in supporting the infrastructure within our organization

If you are motivated to work with us, apply now !

Il CISA lancia lallarme sulla sicurezza Linux. Rafforzare i sistemi federali contro le vulnerabilit sfruttate attivamente

Half a kilo of cosmic fuel reignites NASA's deep space dreams

There ain't no party like a Pu-238 party NASA has celebrated a shipment of half a kilo of plutonium oxide by the US Department of Energy, the largest since US production of plutonium-238 was restarted just over a decade ago.

US cybercops take on 'pig butchering' org, return $9M in scammed crypto

Crims drain wallets of marks after letting them in on 'awesome crypto scheme secret' The US has seized nearly $9 million in proceeds generated by exploiting more than 70 victims across the nation in so-called "pig butchering" scams.

Top 10 Information Technology Programs in the USA for 2024

This article covers the list of the top 10 information technology programs in the USA in 2024. Check out the below list to learn more.

Hacker News: North Korean Hackers Pose as Job Recruiters and Seekers in Malware Campaigns

The Register: No more staff budget for UK civil service, but worry not here's an incubator for AI


Was regelt 3 IT-NetzG

Meiner Lesart nach msste es sich in Verbindung mit 2 Abs. 2 IT-NetzG um eine Routingregel auf OSI-Schicht 3 handeln.

Antworten gerne mit Belegstellen.

Nun ist er online unser EPP Talkproductronica: Zusammen mit Maximilian Moser vom VDMA und Udo Schneider von Trend Micro diskutiere ich ber die Cyberrisiken in der Smart Factory und warum die intelligente Fertigungsumgebung besondere Anforderungen an die IT-Sicherheit stellt und abstrakte juristische Vorgaben zur IT in der OT vielleicht doch nicht immer passgenau sind:

No more staff budget for UK civil service, but worry not here's an incubator for AI

Today's story was brought to you by the words politician and silly Deputy UK Prime Minister Oliver Dowden said the country's civil service would improve public services by, among other things, setting up an "Incubator for AI."

8Base rivendica un attacco allitaliana La Contabile SpA. 5gg dalla pubblicazione dei dati

Microsoft's bug bounty turns 10. Are these kinds of rewards making code more secure

Katie Moussouris, who pioneered Redmond's program, says folks are focusing on the wrong thing Interview  Microsoft's bug bounty program celebrated its tenth birthday this year, and has paid out $63 million to security researchers in that first decade with $60 million awarded to bug hunters i

UK's cookie crumble: Data watchdog serves up tougher recipe for consent banners

30 days to get compliant with tracking rules or face enforcement action The UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is getting tough on website design, insisting that opting out of cookies must be as simple as opting in.

SiegedSec colpisce la Ricerca Nucleare degli Stati Uniti DAmerica. I dati personali dei dipendenti sono online

Hacker News: Are Your Web Applications Safe from Malware

The Register: Palantir bags 330M NHS data bonanza despite privacy fears

Olisiko tm lytn sekoilu :n ymprill herttnyt edes pient mr esim. :n & vastaavien kuvaohjelmien kyttji ko. firman - ja muiden vastaavien - ongelmallisuuteen noin yhteiskunnallisesti, vai onko isoin osa jengi seurannut tt vain viihdyttvn sekoiluteatterina, ja jatkavat kirjoittamistaan niden firmojen ohjelmiin, ett kerro ja piirr pyllyn suhde suuhun.

Palantir bags 330M NHS data bonanza despite privacy fears

Award follows 1 deal during pandemic and 60 million in non-competitive contracts Palantir has secured a 330 million ($412 million) contract to provide the NHS Federated Data Platform (FDP), which the world's largest healthcare provider says is vital to recover from its pandemic backlog.

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