Also, I am currently trying to

Also, I am currently trying to switch webhosts for my art website.
I also want to revamp the site so it has the new domain name, Blackpixeldust.com, and a small tutorial/informational section on how I make my artwork and information about art supplies I use!

It's a big project but I will be doing it slowly!

TBH I do NOT recommend my former webhost, Webhostingpad.com! Strange fees, iffy customer service, iffy security... yikes!

You got legal trouble Better call SauLM-7B

Cooked in a math lab, here's an open source LLM that knows the law Machine-learning researchers and legal experts have released SauLM-7B, which they claim is the first text-generating open source large language model specifically focused on legal work and applications.

The Register: The S in IoT stands for security. You'll never secure all the Things

The Register: Biden's State of the Union included a battle cry against AI mimicry

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

Il CISA stato hackerato. Offline due sistemi critici del paese a causa della compromissione di Ivanti

Questo ci ricorda che qualsiasi pu essere colpita da una e che disporre di un piano di risposta agli una componente sempre necessaria per la resilienza.

Biden's State of the Union included a battle cry against AI mimicry

Lots of pats on the back for the CHIPS Act too US president Joe Biden used the State of the Union address on Thursday to call for a ban on AI voice impersonation.

Gli USA potrebbero tagliare il budget della guerra informatica mentre Cina e Russia espandono le operazioni di influenza

Addio a Bluetooth e Wi-Fi NearLink, il nuovo standard Cinese rivoluzioner la tecnologia

Questo sviluppo potrebbe cambiare per sempre il mondo della . Il nuovo gi supportato da uno degli smartphone pi recenti, il Mate 60.

Generative AI is the technology that IT feels most pressure to exploit

The Register: An engine that can conjure thrust from thin air We speak to the designer

Make your worst nightmares a reality with this 1/6 Scale Pennywise Figure

The Register: Securing open source software: Whose job is it, anyway

Disuguaglianze e Discriminazioni: Gli Esperti del Mondo Sollevano lAllarme sullIA

Gli mondiali chiedono di fermare lo dell per il bene dellinnovazione e sostengono la creazione di una incentrata sulluomo.

An engine that can conjure thrust from thin air We speak to the designer

Chatting to Anmol Taploo about the race to develop tech for satellites Interview  Will satellites be capable of generating their own thrust with propellant created out of thin air one day Scientists at the George Washington University (GWU) and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory reckon so.

The Register: Chrome users get an alert when extensions are in danger of falling into wrong hands

"When gold and jade fill your hall,
You will not be able to keep them safe." -

Die schwedische Staatsanwaltschaft hat nun Anklage gegen einen externen -Berater des Gesundheitsamts erhoben. Dieser soll seine Schweigepflicht verletzt und vorstzlich personenbezogene preisgegeben haben, zu deren er verpflichtet gewesen sei.

il computer quantistico a 5 bit dellAcademia Sinica di Taiwan ha una precisione del 99,9%

LAcademia Sinica di Taiwan ha raggiunto unimportante pietra miliare nel campo dellinformatica sviluppando con successo un a 5 bit. Questo risultato pone Taiwan in prima linea nella ricerca e nello sviluppo della quantistica globale.

nodds in agreement

This reminds me of the proverb:

"Schedule maintenance and upgrades, or else your IT systems will schedule it for you in the most inconvenient and nonconsensual form possible!"


Hacker News: Microsoft Confirms Russian Hackers Stole Source Code, Some Customer Secrets

The Register: Euro-cloud consortium issues ultimatum to Microsoft: Fix your licensing or else

Il Governo Indiano ha organizzato quiz a premi sulla consapevolezza del rischio informatico. Italia, noi che facciamo

Il governo noto per organizzare una vasta gamma di per coinvolgere e la popolazione su varie tematiche cruciali.

Cisco Secure Client affetto da un pericoloso bug di CRLF Injection

ha rilasciato per risolvere una vulnerabilit critica nel suo che consentiva agli aggressori di connettersi alle sessioni degli utenti presi di mira.

Scoperte Vulnerabilit Critiche: QNAP Rilascia Patch per Problemi di Sicurezza

Nelle ultime rilevazioni, QNAP ha confermato la presenza di multiple di sicurezza che interessano diversi operativi e , tra cui , hero, e .

The S in IoT stands for security. You'll never secure all the Things

All too many 'smart' devices are security stupid Opinion  I was one of the first people to use an Internet of Things (IoT) device. It was Carnegie-Mellons Computer Science Department's Coke machine*. True, I didn't need to check on it since my school, West Virginia University, was 77 miles from CMU, but I thought it

Full-time Lead Mobile Developer at OpenArchive

Trump, who tried kicking TikTok out of the US, says boo to latest ban effort

Florida man would rather have app stay so as not to give gift to 'true enemy of the people' ... Zuckerberg Comment  If you had to guess, who would you say former US President Donald Trump hates more: China or Mark Zuckerberg 

"Adjustable height"

Cybercrime crew Magnet Goblin bursts onto the scene exploiting Ivanti holes

Plus: CISA pulls plug on couple of systems feared compromised There's yet another group of miscreants out there hijacking insecure Ivanti devices: A new, financially motivated gang dubbed Magnet Goblin has emerged from the shadowy digital depths with a knack for rapidly exploiting newly disclosed vulnerabilities before

The Register: Nano a nono: Pixel 8 phones too dumb for Google's smallest Gemini AI model

Nano a nono: Pixel 8 phones too dumb for Google's smallest Gemini AI model

Some might say a blessing in disguise Nano, Google's smallest AI model in its generative Gemini series, will not be available on Pixel 8 handsets due to "some hardware limitations."

The Register: Is Russia using Starlink in Ukraine Congress demands answers

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Leicht einsetzbare Bibliotheken fhren oft zu groer Verbreitung von . Das wollen -Gren nun auch fr moderne erreichen.

Dann kann ich es ja beim lernen dies bercksichtigen... na ja so simpel ist es nun auch wieder nicht aber mich mal darber informieren wre sicher nicht schlecht.

One thing that this big equipment move is proving to me is how much I need the training that I'm starting this weekend. Holy crap.

The Register: Grab a helmet because retired ISS batteries are hurtling back to Earth

Grab a helmet because retired ISS batteries are hurtling back to Earth

'Luminous phenomena' on the cards, but half a ton of debris could survive A pallet of used batteries from the International Space Station (ISS) is due to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere at some point in the next day, and some parts of the 2.6 metric ton mass are likely to hit the ground.

Is Russia using Starlink in Ukraine Congress demands answers

And saying Starlink doesn't work inside Russian borders isn't sufficient... Starlink terminals are reportedly being used by both sides in Russia's war against Ukraine, but now Congressional representatives want to know why. 

The Register: Microsoft confirms Russian spies stole source code, accessed internal systems

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