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"Alles ist Eins. Ausser der 0"

P.S. Meldet es mir, wenn ich den Post aus Grnden lschen soll.


Die staatliche Zertifizierungsstelle von Lndern wie Ungarn knnte falsche Zertifikate fr alle Websites ausstellen und der Geheimdienst des Landes knnte den Verkehr mitlesen. Technisch gibt es keinen Mechanismus, dass ungarische Zertifikate nur dort gelten das Szenario trfe damit alle Europer.

Hacker News: Top 5 Marketing Tech SaaS Security Challenges a class='story-link' href=''

EasyPark discloses data breach that may impact millions of users

The Register: Chinas 1.5 exaFLOPS super chases Gordon Bell Prize (again)

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Whether generative turns out to be as revolutionary as the boosters claim, or merely a useful addition to the arsenal with limited applications, should start to become clearer in 2024. The technology has been a catalyst for a powerful tech stock rally.

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Super Mario Odyssey: Il Rimedio Segreto contro la Depressione Lo Studio Svela il Potere Terapeutico del videogame!

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The Register: Intel to set FPGA unit free to pursue own path

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The Register: Scientists mull Solar Radiation Management a potential climate-change stop-gap

In pain but feeling a little better <3 but also my power went out + literally on battery song:kadkoy + had to stop b/c batteries are getting low


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stato creato un Chatbot Hacker che Sfida le Difese di ChatGPT e Google Bard!

Finora gli hanno creato basati sull in grado di aiutare nella generazione dei contenuti.

Abbiamo visto anche IA create per la creazione di come , anche se la non poi rimasta molto soddisfatta.

Ma ora si stanno creando chatbot in grado di i chatbot stessi attraverso attivit di utilizzando l .

The Register: Chiplet cloud design may bring cost of LLMs way down


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World Ranatuor: 'We need better wc topics xD'

The 's "Reign Of Terror" continues...

Resoconto attivit 2023 della Polizia Postale. Diminuisce pedopornografia e attacchi alle infrastrutture critiche ma in aumentano le truffe online

Il 2023 ha visto la e delle porre in campo mirate attivit volte a fronteggiare i complessi legati ai crimini .

In particolare l della Specialit stato costantemente indirizzato negli ambiti della e alla online, alla protezione delle di rilevanza nazionale.

Hacker News: Beware: Scam-as-a-Service Aiding Cybercriminals in Crypto Wallet-Draining Attacks

The Register: Microsoft nixed Mixed Reality: This Windows VR didn't even make it to the ER

Wenn dies nun nicht eine 'moderne' Version vom Kaltenkrieg ist, einfach auf der & abgespielt Last uns was eigen aufbauen!

9% Plus: Huawei geht es wieder blendend, trotz der -.
Huawei macht trotz aller Bemhungen der und anderer Lnder, dem - das Leben schwer zu machen, wieder Milliardenumstze. Fr das Jahr 2023 geht nach eigenen Angaben von fast 10 Prozent aus und sieht sich "wieder in der Spur".

" agrees to settle $5bn lawsuit claiming it secretly tracked users"

"Plaintiffs allege their activity was tracked even when they set Chrome to incognito and other browsers to private mode"

The Register: Cyber sleuths reveal how they infiltrate the biggest ransomware gangs




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- Easy Tiger Official Music Video

La reinstallazione di Windows sar una passeggiata. Software e driver verranno reinstallati con pochi click

Rivoluzione Spaziale: satelliti GPS al laser per una precisione senza Confini!

Cina: nuove restrizioni sui giochi gacha fanno crollare il valore delle azioni delle societ di gioco

En matire de la bote j'utilise pour grer les projets. Il en existe d'autres comme en gestion de projet .

ICYMI: A deep dive into the obscure world of

In The Complete Encyclopaedia of North Korean , a worker explores seven decades of cartoons.

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The Register: Here's who thinks AI chatbots will eventually be smart enough to be your coworker

The Register: A tale of 2 casino ransomware attacks: One paid out, one did not


(in case you've never heard of it, Lord of the Rings Online) - the of ...

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Article intressant dans Linux Pratique 141, concevoir une microVM qui dmarre en 1 seconde !

Suche einen Zugbegeisterten Webcoding Flausch :3 Meldet euch gerne bei mir per PM. Geht um eine sehr sehr geile Idee die ich gerne realisieren mchte w

The Register: Postgres pioneer Michael Stonebraker promises to upend the database once more

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