Why do people answer yes and no questions with essay answers?

Susan_Wills Ontario, Canada
Why do people answer yes and no questions with essay answers?
nattynyc18 Johannesburg, South Africa
@DJAnkletap Gud morning Malume u r my Role model a Inspiration de youth u are a true testament that God live and dreams come true god bless
BeardedJoseph Lagos,Nigeria
@iam_wills_ Kindly follow back
DanDesnica Brisbane, Australia
Irish Rockers,U2, Using VNXe and Data Domain on Tour!
LiveEvents_us Washington DC
#Ticket - 5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs TEXAS Longhorn Football Tickets Lower Level TIX: $4,500.00... #Texas_US
PadfootPanda Vancouver/Medicine Hat
IRISH MAN WITCH .... HELLA HAWT!! SPN rewatch #TheCuriousCaseOfDeanWinchester #Supernatural
Irish Wills Online
MaryanneSxoxo US of A, sometimes Mexico
Safely landed in (drum roll) Dublin, IRELAND! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ BTW Irish accent got me like πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜”
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@NiallOfficial knock knock; WHO'S THERE;irish; IRISH WHO; irish i knew more knock knock jokes
GeraldIDK Sydney [Australia]
Irish Times Ashley Madison affair: When technology meets security, risk meets stupid Irish Times I think we all…
palstave Sussex, England
@BradshawFND Some striking Irish #RockArt:
@DoperThanYall will be the one to write the 67th book of the bible. And the first chapter of the newest testament.
DanMulhall London
A typically-fascinating Irishman's Diary on the film, Brief Encounter, & the Irish-Australian pianist, Eileen Joyce.
Irish_AndHungry β€’Niall's Bedβ€’ β€’DM HAZ/5β€’
Just the one new follower today found welcome tracked by
The Republic of Ireland at Euro 88 by @ricky_red_manc #irish #football #history
__cstx ig // c.sofia
Irish step dancing is sooo cool
Switchfoot is going to be at lifelight this year, I may have to go.
@AlexxxxxVause @lovingRhian @kimka143 yeah exactly it's Maris, you wrote correctly Irish ;) Have a nice day girls ;)
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It's 11pm and I'm bored and hungry and I miss the Irish boy
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MorrLaw UK
Have a will that needs updating? Visit to get in touch. #Woking #Camberley
A religious quote about peace from the Old Testament.
The New Testament: A Student's Introduction by Harris, Stephen
LittleBarnOwls Horsham
The incredible work our children produce is testament to this!
irish_mags Wickford
@Lauratobin1 @PHDockyard @GMB would imagine that tug is acting as a pilot vessel guiding the container ship into its berth.
Jenniesapetal Equality Street, Wex, Ireland
A suitcase FULL of Irish sweets! Ha! @MominHighHeels
@Harry_Styles knock knock; WHO'S THERE; irish; IRISH WHO; irish i knew more knock knock jokes
Letsnotniall_ ➳ WWA 8/17/14 ➳ OTRA 8/18/15
His Irish hat my baby
Exeter sign Short from London Irish: Exeter Chiefs sign winger James Short from fellow Premiership... #rugbyunion
i love irish people
Iconic Translation to create jobs after raising seed funding - The Irish Times - Irish Times -
Irish Wills Online
Dublin comes from the Irish Dubh Linn which means Blackpool.

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