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This just in from Banana Yep it seems that the Blunderdome is still overtaken with these cryptic shows How many have you played so far

FallGuysGame This just in from Banana… Yep, it seems that the Blunderdome is still overtaken with these cryptic shows. How many have you played so far? 👀 Very Spicy Tweets 🌶️ Out now on Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4 & PS5! Developed by @Mediatonic 😎 For status updates head over to @FallGuysOwl
milesdeutscher Melbourne, Victoria The FTX collapse is one of the biggest black swan events in crypto history. It has already damaged the entire industry, but the ramifications run deeper than you may think. 🧵: How far will the FTX contagion spread? 👇 Crypto analyst, airdrop hunter and DeFi addict. Busy finding the next 100x. Tweets aren’t financial advice.
CNN It's been a month that cryptocurrency investors will never forget. And the worst may be yet to come. How did we get here? And can crypto survive? The saga is far from over, but if you’re just tuning in, here’s what you need to know. It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. For breaking news, follow @CNNBRK and download our app
madlovesimple Canada @theJagmeetSingh But you are ok with forcing a carbon tax that is higher than GST on all of these bills. So make it make sense on how your bs ranting actually saves us money? Oh and btw home heating by reports is upwards of 500% higher which already my budget so far has tripled When the inkwell dries up and all my words disappear, will you still remember me?
JunaidSamodien_ Somewhere All of Germany is discussing activists stuck on the streets, tomato soup on the works of great artists and how far protests can go. How do you see it? Vettel: This is an exciting discussion. Because these protest actions were not born out of boredom. EAT, SLEEP, BREATHE Motorsport | Writer of RX content | #WorldRX | #F1 | 📨 samodienmj@gmail.com | #KeepFightingMichael #JB17Forever #AH19
tider96 @TwitchyTeam What is that alt right and how does it compare to the far left?
Barbara10436141 @Esqueer_ Too much religion for them to render fair verdicts. How far into fanaticism are they? Barrett is, Alito is, Thomas is. When thy hold hearings where these folks lie to Congress it might be an idea to also ask them "how many times a day do they "pray?" Blocking MAGGAT trolls since 2015.

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