The answer is yes the

The answer is yes the West is escalating the Russia Ukraine war Make no mistake about it We re fighting WWIII The only question now is how far will we take it

jordanbpeterson Toronto The answer is "yes, the West is escalating the Russia/Ukraine war." Make no mistake about it: We're fighting WWIII. The only question now is "how far will we take it"? Best-Selling Author | Clinical Psychologist | #1 Education Podcast | Listen to the podcast here:
ChuckModi1 DC/NYCNative/❤️ in #Ferguson Palestinians being slaughtered now. During 2014 Israeli massacres, Tulsi not only justified it but voted for MORE funding for more murder. In bed w/far right-wing groups from AIPAC to Christians United for Israel (John Hagee!). She votes for Anti-BDS bills. How is this anti-war? Justice Journalist. Youth Advocate. Sportswriter. You can find me at IG at @chuckmodi1; just joined Mastodon @chuckmodi1@kolektiva.social
palkisu delhi Why did @JoeBiden go to Kyiv today? What did he promise @ZelenskyyUa? Is China set to enter the war in Ukraine? Will it arm Russia? How will it change the war? What has China given to Russia so far? What does China stand to gain from such an intervention? #VantageOnFirstpost journalist | foreign affairs |
lorcylovesyou Is their an ai boy for vgc on showdown yet? Curious to see how far it can get on the ladder lol. tweets are independent from employer.
you92682722 @patriottakes So, according to your stream of conciousness, if there was a statue of Herman Goering or Joseph Goebbels in Berlin, Jewish people who walk by it should think, “look how far we’ve come!” Is that about right? Husband, dad, grandpa, retired USAF pilot now ski bum, pianist, guitarist, carpenter, history wonk, and world traveler. Views are my own and not DoD’s.
Orbiter60 🌊Meerumschlungen🌊 @jamie2bad2000 Hi Jamie, a good sleep is important. My day was a typical Monday with a little bit of chaos and madness. But coffee fix it all😉 How was yours so far (beside sleeping)? On the nightshift again? The more things change, the more they stay the same🖖🏼 Niners forever!🛸⚾ shakennotstirred🍸🤵🏻
AyWeWolves83 I’ve not followed Nicola Bulley story in that much detail, glad the family and friends have closure so can grieve properly. Not sure if this is because I’ve not followed it properly but how is it they found the body just a mile down river, didn’t they search that far? Wolves 🐺 Home & Away. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Football ⚽️. 🇮🇳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Cricket 🏏. Full Time Traveller and Part Time Bean Counter. All time FPL rank high of 59
FuoKcu Earth @matski909 @mikegalsworthy @Conservatives So lose saying adiós to the largest market on our doorstep was worth it? Really? The UK is fucked because of Brexit & I could send you countless stories about how Brexit fucked the UK too but then we'd be going around in circles. So far though it looks like a bit of a shit show. Londinium born European. #GreenParty #Agnostic #Atheist #Humanist #ChronicDepression #MentalHealth Well I'm speechless, except for fcuking expletives!
MarcIsDaBest @WSMV And how is that antisemitic? Truth be told it seem their religious beliefs are protected far more than anyone else's just to be honest.
martinfromkent New Romney, England @1Xtra @itsNadiaJae #1xtrafam #sunriseselecta How far would you go back on your Sunrise selection? It was great to hear a bit of house from the late 90s today, but the late 80s house is sooo damn sweet ! How about a bit of disco ? Or would you get laughed off ? 🤣😁 Old cars , old music , old git .
stephenwmartin edmonton, alberta @joshualeeharris Malthusian logic is never far from the modern mindset. How about the idea that sustainability is built-in to traditional knowledges and practices, and that it is the “ideas and skills” honed by Enlightenment innovation that present the greatest danger to the planet? christ follower, theology teacher, clergy spouse, guitar afficionado, boks, jays, raps, and habs fanatic.
TerryMcLemore6 Liberals, media should 'shame' conservative judges in order to influence them, WaPo columnist argues That is called manipulation. It was tryed on the abortion vote and how did that work out for the far left liberal democrats?
JulieMFaenza Raleigh, NC @oroligtoctopus @Icepick87 Based on how he's handled the launch of all of this? It's quite reasonable to think he didn't seek advice from legal counsel or others in a position to know how policies work. Courtney is far from the only one pointing out his problems. She/her. Attorney/political junkie (unaffiliated, progressive). Barbershop, short form improv, & animal shelter volunteer. Tweeting from Raleigh, NC.🏳️‍🌈🎶♿️
YT_Music_Review USA @NoLieWithBTC @RepMTG How is it treasonous? California has also called for it, you have a Blue State right now that is wanting to separate itself to join another due to Democrats being too far gone.. you might want to look around before claiming it's only Red States. Content Creator on YouTube, Subscribe at Galactic Reactions, I do Music Reviews and Gaming Reviews among other things I find interesting, hence the name. @GMR
GeoffreyNyasag1 Kenya @DidmusWaBarasa How far is the murder case? Orr it was dropped?
Canna_Mama15 Utah, USA @glennbeck Nope. And quite frankly I'm pretty livid about it. I don't know how that's even a legal and acceptable thing to even suggest, let alone do. All while my paychecks don't go as far and my retirement is dwindling. America first right? People are freaking idiots believing this admin. Pronouns: Thee/She/It 💥 My favorite people call me Mom 💜
gojosataru have any of you guys started taxi driver s2? how is it so far is it good as s1?? ✿ any p | 20 | ace | ar60 asia | profile credit : @yonumo | matching pfp with @kahzuas | fan account
Talleyrand89 Location Redacted My biggest problem with this argument is that it's ahistorical. Ok, how far back should we go? Do African slavers like the Dahomey also need to pay reparations? What about the Mamluks from the Middle East? Are Europeans owed reparations from Turkey? Professionally sanctioned criminal. Expert in mind-to-mind combat. Red teaming, intelligence, & corporate security. Hawkish communitarian. Pax Americana.⌛️💀🌷
spcjinx Michigan, USA @maryellenonebay @ribeyegingerale @RichardGrenell He admitted the laptop was his, that's a far cry from proving his father was involved. And there was no chain of evidence, it had been in Rudy's hands for how long??? With all that trump and your party has done to this country is unforgivable.
brando_iceo @XrpKing09531420 Question is how far do they take it? Crypto/Stock trader. Truth seeker. Visionary.
JustinarnottJa Savannah, GA @itsthewealth4me I understand the feeling, I’m at 2.25 and feel the same but it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each. Cons: 1.375% is far lower than inflation now or at any point in the future. Imagine how much purchasing power 2k will have in 20 years? Not much but today it… ❤️ UofM 🏈,🏀, America, Jesus, my family, firearms and Bitcoin. Federal Reserve was created to keep the rich-rich and the poor-poor.
tjcrepeau Olympia, WA @CitizenFreePres That’s the question: what does a win look like for the West and how do we get there? Is it deposing Putin, in which case power is turned over to someone who maybe far worse than Putin and not afraid to use nukes?
starmansummoner @mooeykazooey I always avoid talking about stuff like politics because it always end badly. Anyways, how is your day so far?
ewilks56 Georgia, USA Is it possible that @RepMTG is so dumb she doesn’t know this? Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Let all red states secede. And see how far they’ll get without the “woke policies” of blue states. I detest blatant liars and injustice. Damn Trump! The disease that has killed the brain cells of many.
sangyulover caratland | kpop multi+hive no way someone just unfollowed me now cuz i called the lightstick pretty??? this is how yall know you got serious issues with this matter and are taking it a bit far the category is bey 🐝 | he/him
andrea30656 Atlanta, GA @patriottakes Forgive me for thinking, but wouldn't the statue need to portray an enslaved person for it to "represent" how far emancipation advanced African Americans? Statues of Secessionists and Traitors glorifies the secession and treason. There is no spinning that. Army vet, paralegal, three sons, three grandchildren, farmer, actress/model, writer, occasional zombie. @andi30746@masthead.social
cindyjacquotou1 @mtaibbi Lionsmania, obviously to me with this kind of statement you appear to be on the left and therefore cant see passed your own bias. Its really sad how far this country has divided and it is on purpose but still, why do you have to play along? Matt has proved himself a great writer Its a big secret
Duke_Libertas New York But Ron is a nEoCoN, I've been told. Anyway, he's right of course. We've already sent $200 billion. How much more? $1 trillion. Give Ukraine what it needs for a counteroffensive in Zaporizhzhia this spring. Take it as far as it can go. Then it's time to start negotiating. Seeking True Glory while living in a freak show. Proprietor of @obdwiki author, Lives of the Luminaries:
realBodaWale 隧道盡頭 @Iamkolotayo @Nwabulibu @OlisaOkoro How far with Moses and promise land didn't he made it so God changed his mind? Why is there anything like "fulfill destiny" "not die before our time"? Because "WILL" given to man made it possible for man to deviate/change things. God can allow things to be changed! Web/App developer at 🔗| Edutaining on 🔗
HelenAlfredi Lagos @priscao @FinPlanKaluAja1 What you may need to factor in is that human beings are not machines that you can turn on and off at will. How many western countries has been able to reverse their one or two children policy do far? None. It's good for thought. A child of God. Helen Alfred's GR DAU 📌 Business Consultant || People Devt. & Organisational Service Culture Specialist || Behaviour & Personality Coach
codysaurus_ United States @HiGalactic I had to deal w/ people making fun of my voice growing up too. Is that the best they can do? It’s giving ‘desperate attempt to bring us down’ Sorry we’re killing it 🤷‍♂️ Let’s see how far they get in life when their only hobbies/skills in life include hate-lurking streamers (he/him) ✨ @Twitch Partner ✨ Unapologetically a Swiftie ✨ @Discord: Codysaurus#4521 ✨ Business Inquiries: codysaurusgaming@gmail.com
thezigpc Palm Bay, FL @JC60175 @mkryst70 @scottsantens @ninaturner I am an IT professional, who also games. You're inability to comprehend a simple fact that wages are needed for viability shows just how far detached from being human you really are. Common sense? There is nothing sensible in promoting a pre-minimum wage sweatshop mentality. Tech Enthusiast, Gamer, Advocate for #UBI and #ElectionReform I currently #VoteBlue. #Forwardist #YangGang #TeamPulte #TeamHumanity #SlickGang
russellabcde @ReignOfApril How can you say this about another woman ? . Your statement it’s racist , agist, discriminatory and absolutely disgusting. I’m appalled @Sephora is working with someone like you . Congratulations 👏🏾. I will share far and wide for everyone to know who represents @Sephora . Movies Movies Business & Finance YouTube Animals Food History Books General News Science & Technology Creators Comedy Trending HaHa
bipolarsarah 🌎Roaming*the*Asylum🎪📦 @chosenlyric @Valiantlady @Izuna99 @Thinkforamimute You’re right… excessive violence among/within the black community is white supremacy fault. Surely killing each other while blaming white supremacy will fix everything. How’s it working out so far? 🤦🏻‍♀️ “The unexamined life is not worth living.”✨ “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”~Socrates 📚💜🌚🐾

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