Roy Moore human waste and

Roy Moore human waste and

ThejohnToms Virginia, USA
@goldengateblond @Caissie Roy Moore is human waste and an example how far this system has fallen from what it ever…

grllzlyricbot ▶️
Are we just too far to be as one again? Are we obsidian? Is this how it is?

RokkerFiveOne Alabama, USA
@RAMRANTS I was amazed how easy it is to make cookies. I like peanut butter cookies myself, they are the easiest to make by far.

ifnt_namfer 인피니트
Teachernim tell me. When in cooking plain rice. Do I have to get the measure of how far the water to rice and get t…

TTSO_James Wisconsin
I wonder how much input Rodgers has truly had as far as play calling. McCarthy is a proud, stubborn guy. I can't im…

@amandacarpenter @jonfavs Can’t see how the comparison is all that far off considering the fascism on the right, le…

Wowser... how far they gonna take it? Slippery slope is real

phildevine1 Whereever
Fun Fact (well maybe not 2U How far is Fallbrook from Santa Barbara? Here's the quick answer if you are able to m…

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