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ReaganGomez Make Gumbo or Die Trying This story about the 6yr old getting their parent’s gun (HOW??) taking it to school and shooting their teacher is heartbreaking. We are so far gone in this madness I don’t know what else can be said. A baby. Not just knew what to do with it…but knew how to USE it. Like… Yes it’s me. ♉️
TristanSnell New York, NY What if the far right’s refusal to elect McCarthy extends to ANY speaker? What if their plan is to cripple the House and thus grind the government to a halt? This may seem outlandish, but yet somehow it isn’t. That’s how far toward fascist anarchy the Trump Republicans have sunk Lawyer, founder repping small/mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, creators. Prosecuted Trump University @ NY AG. Commentator MSNBC CNN.
Thek4man Norway @GalacticMichi I'd say trace. Far as I know, trace isn't illegal, but I'd count is as morally negative. How transformative must it be however, to go from trace to creative? 29/she/bi 18+ profile (I WILL yeet) Professional tired girl/futa. Smoothbrain. Weightloss: start-127.3kg. Current-113.9kg
firstpost Mumbai, India Supporters of #JairBolsonaro donning the yellow and green Brazil #Jersey stormed the Congress, presidential palace and Supreme Court on 8 January. But how is it that the T-shirt has become the symbol of the far-right? #BrazilianProtests Incisive opinions, in-depth analysis and views that matter.
pl93999060 @orwell2022 @dobssi @JohnBeaudoinSr @ptr12343 @EthicalSkeptic @GirardotMarc @Martina91328217 @mconceptionz @homesynths @ichudov Q: New Zealand is classified as the LEAST stringent country? It makes me wonder how useful this stringency index is. I understand that it is the sum over time, but there is no doubt in my mind that Sweden was far less stringent than NZ. Investor. Contrarian. Long/short equity since 2003. “Better safe than sorry” has killed a lot of people recently. I take MY seat and YOU take YOUR seat - ok?
onecoding1 /dev/null @strategywoman Well how sane is someone who is friends with Autocrats? It is not just Putin, but also people like Bolsonaro and far right people in general. To me it does not get more insane than that. autist • coder • artist • musician “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” ⎯D. P. Moynihan #ANTIFA #NAFO Vive la résistance 🇺🇦
SadizticKitten As a content creator, I make content that brings me joy. Whether it's my Twitch, Fansly, or TikTok. That, as far as I am concerned, is how it should be. Why would I spend time doing or making something that makes me unhappy? Stream Queen | She/Her | Baja Blast Empress | One of KP's Angels | Mother of Kittens | Deadpool's Wife
jakosmeso OT7 | 20 @bwekwi Ohhh so how far is it going?! Jus messin' with my life. Gonna vent relly bad. Feel free to mess along
Nova_Exhaustion Vancouver, WA @BrawnSurgeon @JacksonMacmanus @carolinmcmillan @stonewalluk How is it a fringe view? I have a homosexual and heterosexual attraction. I am not protected on the basis of this really. I’m just protected on the basis of having a sexuality as far as I’m concerned. Not a specific one Democrat, Party unity, anti accelerationist. Equality for all. ♿ Disabled. Queer. 🦄 200% below Poverty. Pro-library. Safety pillar.
jakeeswoodhouse Melbourne @ExponentialApe This is a great discussion. How we spend our money is a far more important "vote" then that ballot box It actually influence things... Just imagine what would happen if everyone removed their money from the tradition banks? Going "all-in" on #bitcoin | Podcast host @bitcoinwithjake
ThedGrill Karlsruhe So currently working on this concept work. Trying to establish some mood for the world I am currently building. This is not finished but I like how it looks so far. Also would love to give this Giant a name, the story is based on Scandinavian folklore. Maybe someone has an idea? Artist from Germany Character Designer Landscape Artist and Plantlover. Current focus on Pixelart and Game Art. Commissions open for January
BenRhino51 Hemel Hempstead, East @StuartCalvert10 @Nigel_Farage This is also true, but how much goes directly to the NHS? I’m far from ‘left wing’ and agree this is taking freedom from the people. But it’s not the strangest idea I’ve heard? I'm ex army and now a Key Accounts Manager. crazy about rugby, Spurs, motorbikes/shooting. BASC member keen scuba diver- Instagram @therugbyyetti
FatalFibers @RpsAgainstTrump please explain how he is a Russian asset? As far as I recall it is Biden who received secret payoffs from China. And Russia. And Ukraine. I love perfectly punctuated propaganda
va_jaxon @lindyli how is it @JoeBiden "accidently" has them, yet you "know" trump stole them? OMG you people are so pathetic. you have your head so far up his A.. that i bet you taste the flavor of ice cream before he does. USA 1st
Em_BaTsari Nigeria 🇳🇬 It's midday tweeps, how is your day so far?! Add Jpegs if available 😍🙌🏽 Computer and GIS Analyst, Health Advocate, Photographer & Founder of @emlensphoto #SonyAlpha || IG: em_batsari
JoeGaebel_US @TomiLahren I simply added it to the list of unexplained deaths and near deaths of athletes. They just keep dropping on the fields and courts? How is questioning this new reality TOO FAR?
ncreartive Hyderabad, India @landmarkstores I have been patient so far replying to the emails. How long is it gonna take? Artist. Atheist. Foodie. Business Advisory Analyst @ Accenture Insta:
PaulBayliss9 Kidderminster @andrewmaido @khfckarl @kiddyguest Still no one listens Arrogance perhaps as someone said when they messaged me? Who knows, it is all a guessing game as far as supporters are concerned. How we have fallen in 12 months. Love Betting on Football and other sports. Mostly Football though!! Kidderminster Harriers Supporter. Retweets doesn't mean agreement necessarily.
NittyG_4freedom @IAmPoliticsGirl Interesting view. Far as I know it's simply oversite to best use the funding, what is needed how many to hire, proper protocols and policies that democrats simply didn't bother to explain. Remember Lois Learner? Disagree if you like but history doesn't lie. Noodle on. 🙂
11synergy England, United Kingdom @Wanalyst007 First, people keep their principles. The idea of how to play is purely relative. What do you call current generation? Like 2 seasons ago where he won the league is not current generation? It's purely disrespect. Nothing more. Also, Howe 100% banks on 1v1 duels. He by far has the Student- Msc Sports Performance Analysis. Tactical analysis. Barcelona😍

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