Musk is running Twitter into

Musk is running Twitter into the ground far far faster than anyone expected Wild how you can just buy a company and then close it because it s financially doing badly because you bought it How is that allowed How dare he Anyway my other social links are pinned

Toadsanime ryan@superraregames.com Musk is running Twitter into the ground far, far faster than anyone expected. Wild how you can just buy a company and then close it because it's financially doing badly *because you bought it*. How is that allowed? How dare he? Anyway, my other social links are pinned. Game news curator • I do things @SuperRareGames + Mixtape creator • ex games journo • @BAFTAGames 20-22 jury • Indies & physical • he/him, gay af 🌈
SquigglyRick Sydney, New South Wales What we still don't know is precise mechanism by which someone or some group said: let's proceed despite all of the warnings. We know Minister's offices were keen once they saw the concepts, but how did it get that far? Today two key DSS players: Serena Wilson and Finn Pratt. Senior Reporter: The Saturday Paper. Author: One Hundred Years of Dirt & On Money (Hachette) out now. Country kid from QLD. rickjamesmorton@gmail.com
RubinReport 🐊😎🇺🇸 How far is that from the Dunder Mifflin office in Scranton, PA? Michael Scott is on it! Florida Man
somerledsquare United Kingdom @TheFluffyMouse @CharlesTannock @LBC @IainDale How far does it go? Is it unfair for people in Birmingham to live and work in London over the rest of the world? #GTTO
tremarnonvoglio 10 mins. no TWs “Haruka, if yer really that fed up with Kanata’s antics, stab ‘em with that guitar. Is yer playin’ so sloppy that it can’t even shut up yer brother? Is that how it is? You’ve gotta play with determination. You’ve already come this far.” it's murder on the dancefloor
bmoyernh New Hampshire & Washington DC @NASAInSight How far away is the high speed helicopter? Have it hover above it? 10 min will give it another year of life! Sr Science Advisor (SGE), HHS/BARDA (2007-present) President/Owner, BRMoyer & Associates, LLC, Amherst, NH
RealKaristina Faerie Yeah, but how much of that is due to COVID-as-a-mass-disabling-event removing people from the employment pool? How many people stopped being unemployed because they became disabled? It makes the numbers LOOK better for you, but the reality is far darker. Chaotic Good Creator. I choose kindness unless you don't. #ActuallyAutistic #MentalIllness #disabled #NEISvoid | Bisexual Polyamorous Fae (she/her) 🏳️‍🌈✨😘🔞
Orms_by_Gore @CubeApril As a total Mastodon outsider so far, how comparable is it to being in a million different Discord servers? PHP Developer, Gamer, MTG player, cat-haver. Bisexual. Polyam. Be nice to people. Or don't, I'm not your dad. He/him.
CColasurd Oswego, NY @TreadOnMeHard @MarkMNYC @brent_peabody What district other than 24 here are there *major* problems with? The Far East end of 23 isn’t great. Some obvious considerations were made in 20, but it’s still mostly a solid, block, just a little jagged. This is how districts look in Texas. This Ny map is nothing. Political Commentary | College Student | Baratheon Loyalist | Depressed NY Giant Fan

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