Joe Pavelski Theres a couple

Joe Pavelski Theres a couple stitches in there A couple teeth are gone Well try to get them fixed and see how they feel tomorrow So nothing is brokenAs far as jaw and stuff I dont think so Its sore thats for sure

KKurzNHL Bay Area Joe Pavelski: “There’s a couple (stitches) in there. A couple teeth are gone. We’ll try to get them fixed and see how they feel tomorrow.” So nothing is broken? “As far as jaw and stuff, I don’t think so. It’s sore, that’s for sure.” Covering #SJSharks since 2011, now at @TheAthleticSF. Don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters
EdtheSock Toronto Okay question: about to launch an online store (finally) and looking for a slogan. So far, best suggestion is "Get a Piece of the Sock". But not sure how many remember the TV ad it's a play on. Do you? Or have other suggestions? Canadian Icon. TV star. Back to save the world. Fighting the #WarOnStupid across Canada w/my tour w/@redlianak.
viet_t_nguyen los angeles Representation matters, but is it enough? Telling our stories is important, but how far does it get us? Can we strive for the horizon of greater representation and keep our eyes on what lies beyond it--decolonization? Writer. Oceanic refugee. 1st generation college student. Affirmative action beneficiary. Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2016. Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellow.
hari141250 San Francisco, CA @vinayak_jain @brigvkagrawal @RahulGandhi Clown Pappu Needs Will Determination Understanding Operational Details before giving the Go Ahead Needs Acumen Not a Rifle u idiot Ur sending Farmers to Moon to grow Golden Potato shows how far u r from reality Is it Ur way of getting rid of poor ppl for good? U a Die Hard Idiot Love Travel That's Exactly What I am doing now
BluePower_01 San Antonio, TX How does everyone feel about the villain motivations in My Hero Academia? I feel like most of the ones we’ve seen, in the anime so far, are along the lines of “This world is imperfect and it needs to be purged” and I’ve been watching too many superhero shows I use this more than Tumblr sometimes. Also Karen Sanchez (OC) who is in Isola
Jesus_is_G_d United States @MissTotos @____Roar____ @ThinkyTexan @SwettmanF @JustSayingWhat1 @Lalanamour @garym9999 @Cormaic_Ruadh @sethgambee @Bentley32255822 @HaircutSpock @rjmx @LeannEAF @michellmybell1 @rholftroy @MPEACE2017 @blairbrown @Rev11_5 @Nahdya777 @TheJoshHarmon @_Helicon_ @NaturalBAtheist @childofpromise3 @questions_faith @MichelleNewDay @Cern_lXXl @CrispyCurry @Shannon27765244 @LegendZane @Goodbye_Jesus @escaped_ferret @RTheatheist @daniel52464547 @alan244g @Ah_Science @chrischristex16 @Valuable2017 @conscienceofosh @Conspiracy_dog @DaBauz @gavemeanumber @jcvampuk @NM_rocker @RandeRev @yrysbryd @FrankUnlawful @DAccampoFamily @beastcoaster91 @MayedaChris @A_3rdWay Why would I need to prove it though. I don’t lie. Your acct was to see how far you wanted to risk. You wouldn’t which shows you weren’t sure bc Christians do give to the needy a lot. I was in Louisiana for the floods and panhandle for this past hurricane. You need proof too?
navitraaaa Westeros The crinigiest pick up line I’ve heard so far is when this guy out of nowhere, slid into my dms & quoted ‘Sunflower’ as part of it. How can I allow a complete stranger, to ruin that song for me? Please...wo bu yao. You’ve done enough damage. Rombe tenks. Not all those who wander are lost. ✨
heidilinespe Nashville, TN He has continued to break the law on a daily basis to literally no consequence. It’s even fun for him seeing how far he can go. @JoyAnnReid said recently that trumps entire deal is pushing the law pushing the law pushing the law and saying- “who is going to stop me?” 7/ books, my 3 boys, gardening, Switzerland & social justice.
MoucheBaseball @TrevorSinger84 @JackDromeyMP @Nigel_Farage @BBCNews They’ve been doing it since it happened. They thought it would even win them the referendum. This ‘far right’ thing is a total fabrication...It’s the far left that is the real threat in this country... how better to catch us all unaware than by having us all look the other way? I’m here for the baseball...it’s all about the baseball
BiglyTrumpette @BuddyMoore23 Grateful you took the time to watch and even more grateful you comment back. Thank you Buddy. Hope you share it far and wide. How Norman staffed his team (with dissenters) and their response is much like the snowflakes today might receive the red pill. Right? 💪Liberty in Jesus Gal5:1. Wife Constitutional Originalist🙏Loyalty🇺🇸1st #CCOT #MAGA #DraintheSwamp f/by @cvpayne @LriHendry @genFlynn ✝️🇺🇸🇮🇱
Amy_lucario on the couch, dick out~ How’d you rate zangooses for lovin? — Not sure i understand the question here so im hoing to answer it like this. Zamgooses is not my favorite pokemon by far. I literally put one on my team because i thought it evolved into an abs… 🤳I post porn off my phone for every one to fap and enjoy🤳// 💙 follow to keep up with post💙// all art credit goes to artists none is my own.
devmuffin Nsfw|24|sub|poly❣️ @cosmic_steve Kindve said the same thing in my head today, like until my cock is in the back of a throat with piss in it I won’t really know how far my fetish goes you know? Devonmillermodels@gmail.com
JoeySlither Warren, PA @AOC “Youngest Congresswoman to do it”. Care to explain what exactly you have accomplished? I’m being serious. You have done NONE of this so far. What bill have you proposed that passed to accomplish even one of your stated wins. How big is your head? Good Lord. SMH Dad of 3. Husband. Lead Singer for rock-n-roll's best kept secret, Cold Slither. Beer Guy. Metal Head. Cheers!
Christy152Emily Lakeland, FL Death penalty is way too far but they should get charged with murder. If someone kills a pregnant woman it’s considered a double murder so how is a mother able to take the same life and not get a penalty? Jorge❣️
ruzkin Melbourne, Australia @RonnieS_Writer I'm hitting 2020 Worldcon, how far of a drive is it from there? Aussie author. Scifi/fantasy/horror/spy thrillers. #TheRaggedBlade lands June 4th from @ParvusPress (He/him
Christo17106059 @Alyssa_Milano How is it targeting political foes @Alyssa_Milano? Is this not what you proclaim and protested for? Oooo so you want them here.. Just in a corner far far away from your high society rich self.. Gotcha.. You sinicle hypothetical Dolt. You stand for hypocrisy and nothing more. Artist, Patriot, Father, Drawn Perspective and Lost Soul.
ScienceHoffman Some, Where @el_kanon @IvoryDove @DavidAFrench How is putting migrants in places that vote for mass migration NOT a decision by the people? In fact, it's far moreso than places that vote for mass migration forcing Arizona and Texas (who vote against it) to accept them. I have a PhD in whatever is convenient to prove that I'm right. #HeartRight #DreamRight
sadcoasta Indiana, USA And it’s like how could they do that to me yanno? I’m a decent person I would never take things that far. People these days have no empathy anymore and it really shows. So I’ve started being more vocal when people upset me because- Cashier:Ma’am this is a 7/11 sc:deedeehaleyy
amnagy02 United Kingdom @old_cliche Yeah it’s definitely rough. I’m hoping mine is mild, but it doesn’t seem to be so far lol. How’s your friend’s? the only thing that matters is my corgi
2ndPlayersShow Texas, USA @ogspartan13 @redeventgames @stevecourtney79 @15AFAME_ @TalkingNerdyOrg @netflix @DynoRTs @RexRTs @Fly_RTs @FlysJoint This is definitely on our watch list bro! How far have you got into it @ogspartan13? We are TSP! Best friends• Twitch Affiliates • Retro Gamers. Smash that follow button to stay in the loop with us! Live Stream 🕰️: Tuesday & Thursdays 7 pm CST
Bpatterson_II United States @Latricia_Rivers @Orthospherian @SiriusMatdj @GregShugar @realTomRHall @realDonaldTrump woah that is some weird logic, do you know how far 30 miles is? so they take a area that has nothing then 1 month later it has something yet to you that isnt new? This liberal logic is really weird, So at what point is a New car New since they already have cars? Wow this is hard! My Russian Bot Resisted I took over tweeting. I live out in the woods you see my woman, kids the dogs and me, Love watching America become Great Again
Dianne12mc @RepJerryNadler @CaliFarmer707 Are you gonna write a letter? Cause you know, it has worked so well thus far. Tweeting about how dangerous and stupid @realDonaldTrump is doesn't change a thing. #dosomething Wife, mother, Meme, sister, friend, songwriter, musician,, and advocate for the most vunerable! Love squirrels chocolate and Wizard of Oz.

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