I've the hope that you will follow me someday. 😫 You don't know how much I love you❤️, you will make me happy🙏🏼 X1679

lauraagnzalez Barcelona, Cataluña
@NiallOfficial I've the hope that you will follow me someday. 😫 You don't know how much I love you❤️, you will make me happy🙏🏼 X1679
That face u make when your step dad make breakfast for your mom, but make you some too.
theydoit4ni three one seven
I have like no friends. My phone doesn't make any noises 😒
@Palystha1 @Shreyaliaa08 He will follow you soon
allfeelingniall ×5 boys forever in my heart×
I guess all I Want to do is you read this text🙏 … … … I will always love you and will hope🌼 @NiallOfficial ☁35,153
rjmocampo Planet Earth
@Crusherkate2 i think "Hi" will be a great answer to that 😀
Kinda bummed that on my deathbed my last thoughts will be a looping babble of Family Guy quotes and shitty songs from the late '00s.
Too many Marseille fans are welcoming Florian Thauvin's potential departure. It will be another massive blow for the club if he leaves. #OM
Wills Online
ideas4thefuture Clackmannan in Scotland
Latest Jeremy Corbyn Poll Will Leave You Scratching Your Head via @Instapaper
NAIFADallas Dallas, TX
Last chance to register for 8-18 class! Next NAIFA-Dallas Ethics class will be November! #constantcontact
niallmyreallove niall is my everything ☆
*✧ Hi @NiallOfficial ✧* 💐Will you follow me today? 💐 A) sure B) A C) B I love you so much baby Thank you ツ x30,216
hector_xvi amongst la familia
1 Peter 5:6 NLT "So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor."
irwinssolo luke/4 + band
this will get me through the day
36MADELYN_Sylvi St Louis
Heart Shaped Thigh Gaps Can Certainly Make You Fall In Love!
Never knew when this story would end. All we can do is wait. Just wait for the right time and everything will be over :) #bot
kjosephabraham Chennai, India
An #Avatar-themed park is coming to Disney World in 2017 — Here's what it will look like …
@bbc5live @BatleyRLFC @KeeganHirst maybe reason he struggled is cos media make it headline news whenever anyone "comes out" #notyourbusiness
make, will, legal
An average person’s yearly fast food intake will contain 12 pubic hairs I'm concerned
brentguice North Myrtle Beach, SC
If you have to manipulate to get it you will have to manipulate to keep it. If God provides it no one can take it away. @PsRobertMorris
@Gurmeetramrahim #MSG2PosterRelease It's yours blessing PITA JI,we don't know how many new Milestone Dera Sacha Sauda will achieve in future
StFrancisCEC Ponte Vedra Beach, FL USA
Pause For A Word About Paws Aug 20th 6:30 pm @CECPVB @jaxhumane will speak about how #Christians #Episcopal can help
kamaalrkhan India
N Next film of great film maker @karanjohar is #Kapoor&Sons hahaha lol lol even an idiot can say that this film will be sure shot washout.
Is this complete bullshit or freakin genius? Do only austrians think that this will happen or is there some consen…
My bus will be the death of me
acidicaljen in giro con harry
@taylorswift13 you're saved me , and you changed me a lot,for this , I will love you so much more than anything forever ♥♥♥♥♥
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xhxty Illinois
Pro Skater 3 Will Always Be The Best Tony Hawk Soundtrack !!
@lenny45611 the beta is 5 days. August 19- august 23. Then the full game will be out november 6
ADOVELI Nairobi, Kenya
@citizentvkenya @afcleopards_sc wont mek it against @OfficialGMFC will take advantage of tht n beat thm #arsenal jersey pap #MondayFootball
EvaHeartbeat Fuerteventura - Granada
Seriously though, it's kind of worrying that Anna only needed three words to make us all go crazy; Bechloe is real
No matter how beautifull the sunset, it will turn to be dark.. • #igers #vscoandroid #vsco_you…

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