Its clear that the leadership

Its clear that the leadership

KSTeacherMrE Salina, KS
It's clear that the leadership of the #ksleg is not observing how educators feel about their students. #ksed is not…

The world has lost it's freakin' mind. Just HOW far gone do you have to be to EVEN consider shooting another person…

6) A Study in Honor by Claire O'Dell. Holmes & Watson reimagined as queer Black women in the future? Sign me the he…

WEKetchum Brooklyn, NY
@youbexbelieve How far is it?

Rothecity Worldwide
@phorlicks How far about this campaign. Is it still on or you don gather fully?

paleyhalmore pittsburgh
this tweet is far too targeted for my audience but it’s how i’m FEELING

Lima_1776 Miami, FL
$CASI -Is going to be the play for tomorrow, it tested 7 and held there for a while after market. Expect it to blo…

@GinaMcGalliard @HenrikVogt As far as I'm concerned, this convo should be about how #pwme behave towards Henrik. It…