Integrity and objectivity gone far

Integrity and objectivity gone far

@KimStrassel Integrity and objectivity is gone as far as the public opinion goes. How many years will it take to rebuild the FBI?

@h3h3productions hey i know how hard it is to diet and recently i've been trying to think more in the future than i…

micheleaosteen Houma, LA
@JPPSS #JPPSSchat our district is so behind in technology for teachers and students. When attending Teacher Leader…

millsology 💿💅||📺||🎮
It's a holiday again so my Motha is at home. I'll be counting how may times she barges into my room before I fall a…

ScrtSqrl0920 Houston
@Schmadvertising @Kevidently Let’s be prideful about the ability of those who see others for their true value, with…

itsgates216 Cleveland, OH
It doesn’t matter how far out you go or how safe the neighborhood is, niggas at the basketball court are super tough....allegedly

PatricioSala Chile.
@WestWingReport @PressSec Fake News "West Wing Reports" how much you take to betray your country?/ Will investigate…

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