How far is the leap

How far is the leap from all age drag shows to all age orgies Sadly not that far Stop this before it gets much worse

lavern_spicer Miami, FL How far is the leap from “all age drag shows” to “all age orgies”? Sadly not that far. Stop this before it gets much worse! Florida Woman. I've been fighting to better my community my entire life and I'll never stop!
greg16676935420 Kentucky, USA Is anyone in 2023 yet? How’s it lookin so far? im greg I like football and stocks and my birthday im from kentuckey. I'm a investor. I like to golf at the golf course @gregmultiverse
dwnews Germany How far to the right is it when a Brazilian president and his supporters officially celebrate the 1964 anniversary of the military coup that began a dictatorship in the South American country? We really know Germany 🇩🇪. Follow us for trustworthy news and analysis from our reporters around the world. We also have a sense of humor. Sometimes.
JOHNCOL48424845 @UtdPlug 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, right! Casemiro is not just being honest, he's being VERY honest! But how does, "especially knowing the player OFF the pitch," equate to being, "one of the five best players in the world." ON it?! He's 25 now, not 18, and FAR from consistent enough! HNY!
testuscop @deki68 @theJeremyVine @arsivtarih who cares how many kazhaks or burats will die? no one in USSR government as today in russian. b. i suspect that they did it with purpose again. to hide unconvenient truth. that russian nation have nothing to do with ww2 victory and their sacrifice is far from major. i dig for an
Em_BaTsari Nigeria 🇳🇬 It's midday tweeps, how is your day so far?! Add Jpegs if available 😍🙌🏽 Computer and GIS Analyst, Health Advocate, Photographer & Founder of @emlensphoto #SonyAlpha || IG: em_batsari

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