Dandelion fluff is so soft

Dandelion fluff is so soft and light How far do you think it can fly

Pocket_Camp Dandelion fluff is so soft and light! How far do you think it can fly? This is the official Twitter account for Animal Crossing™: Pocket Camp, which will announce campsite events and share tips on how to enjoy the app even more!

ZeekArkham The Bottomless Pit @AndyDSweet What, exactly, is OUR money going towards? We’ve given them $130 billion this far; how is it being spent? Cop With Attitude. The Notorious C.O.P. Pronouns: bruh/brutha. All opinions are my own. American Patriot. #alllivesmatter

TheAthleticFC UK Luka Modric put in a fine performance against Liverpool to remind everyone he is far from finished, even at 37. Real Madrid's maestro appears to be ageless on the pitch, so how does he do it? @MarioCortegana & @MarkCarey93 analyse the curious case of football's Benjamin Button. Every football story that matters. Breaking news. In-depth analysis. 🔖 Subscribe:
cynthia_egbo Lagos @abdulkhaleeq_i If y’all were so confidence then why rig with such impunity? It’s not by how far but how well, nobody is celebrating the so-called INEC President-elect. Where are the 8m people that voted for him, why is no one celebrating? Don’t go and think of your life mugu. Destined for Greatness💪Introvert😎 Taurus🌝 Student🎓📚 Catholic🙏👼 Lover of Music🎧and Movies📀📺 Baker🎂🍔🍞 YouTuber🔭💁Nwa-Nkanu🍲 Igbo

MFounderz United States Good afternoon everyone! How are you all doing? ❤️ So uhh most of next seasons battle pass got leaked 😬 I'm not gonna tweet about it since that's a huge spoiler, but it's looking interesting. Also AOT is coming next season as well?? That's insane! Loving the theme so far Hi I'm Noah aka MrFounderz! I'm a nice guy and epic gamer. The best Sparkle Supreme main! Blaze too 🔥 @Toonscles is my boy 😎 SAC: MrFounderz ❤ Love my friends

PalesaM323 South Africa @normalgirlvibes It looks silly but it's got that beautiful man 😭😭😭 is it a spoof? Because if so I might watch it to see how far spoofs have come although I don't think anybody can top the Wayans' family with spoofs. 28. Queer. Black. NOT A WOMAN! Pronouns: They/them | 🎶I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be🎶 🏳️‍🌈🇿🇦🏳️‍🌈

inwardoutward Washington, DC "Those without home, those who are shunned deliberately or unconsciously by those closest to them. Our world is filled with exiles. How can they sing when they are so far from home? And where is home? And how do they find it again?” –Margaret Guenther, "Walking Home", p. 50 Sharing daily devotional quotes (M-F) and a weekly lectionary reflection. A digital ministry of Church of the Saviour since 2006. Peace be with you.

mIourdeseliza Aqui @FBI It's like Garcia luna's trial, he worked 10 years with American government. GL had his trail, and is in prison now. Exactly how many USA officers that worked with or close to him had been judged??? As far as I konw-> none. The "le𝙩'𝙨 save good people of USA" is worn out Alive and clicking 👉🏼RT are not endorsements 💡

WarehouseWaifu The Frozen North It has been a good day so far. #WaifuWednesday How is your day going? Do you like Waifus? Well I got a lot of them! -Ashley

nomoshobia England, United Kingdom ‼️‼️ Look at them?? This is the biggest comm I've worked on so far and I love how it turned out, tysm @UnfetteredMuse and co for entrusting me with your party! (22, she/her) // COMMISSIONS CLOSED // i love drawing people being happy but i also like rusty quill content so-

MindsetBank @EricMMatheny It is sad that it has been reported by Ukraine military that the average life of soldiers in Bakmut region front is only 4 hours. So how has all this sending equipment worked out for them so far? ✊💖Empowering human kind to make a positive impact on our world 🙏❣Lifting up the spirit and mind 💥
RedEagle707 Alberta, Canada Where is the mind reading technology when you need it? Show the world what these sickos are really thinking. This shows a glimpse of how far this nation has fallen. One word comes to mind “ Millstones” We need tradition again. I am a believer in the Way the Truth and the Life.

pengu_lnn he/him lesbian @mistergods OMG RLLY???it is so so good i think it started up originally near where i live so ive been going there since forever!! But idk how far the franchise has spread yet hpepfuly it gets big so everyone can have the deliciosness of menchies🫡 17 white🇨🇴 and i live in 🇺🇸:•) smiley face i love @apcgirl666 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ proship get away from my account

OgbeEmum Nigeria @_dinomelaye Sorry uncle Dino, the stolen mandate here is for PO n u know it. Support PO now to retrieve it or for ever remain silent. Ur oga must be preparing to retire to his mansion now at Dubai till another 8ys. U that is use to living large how far? Look for legit job pls Trendy Beauty Palace is always available to give you that professional touch to add to your Beauty 😍

PaddyWV NW Wow! How far down the running order is the train crash? Bet they'd have dragged out Jon Snow and all the news team if it had happened in the U.S! 🙄 #c4news The artist formerly known as @StubCrouch.15 yrs a Twit. Leftward leaning. Green minded. Anti Capitalist. Intermittently sober. Still rubbish at following back.

mattamyers Toronto, Canada @tamimarlerMBA @Censored4sure Or wife knows how evil those who controlling the narrative are, she doesn't want to go along with it, knows that he may be very far gone, and is trying to save their kids? There's no way we know enough details to make such judgements. ENGN founder. Entrepreneur, life learner, yogi, in tech & design for 28 years - developing better systems. At full attention keeping my eyes on the empire. ✧

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