Bill Belichick on Tom Brady

Bill Belichick on Tom Brady Tremendous accomplishment and a real credit to him I don t even know how far 100 000 yards is It must be a long way I don t know how many miles I have no idea It s actually 56 8 miles Belichick Jeez Can you imagine

MikeReiss Foxborough, MA Bill Belichick on Tom Brady: “Tremendous accomplishment and a real credit to him. I don’t even know how far 100,000 yards is. It must be a long way. I don’t know how many miles. I have no idea.” @TheGregHillShow: “It's actually 56.8 miles.” Belichick: “Jeez. Can you imagine?” ESPN NFL Nation reporter covering the New England Patriots. IG: mikereisspatriots
CoreyRForrester Chickamauga, GA There are people who see the “End Racism” signs in the end zone and think things other than “yes. Yes we should” lol. How is it possible to have a negative reaction to that? My philosophy in life: find out what those people do and then do the opposite. Working out great so far Comedian. Author. MGMT: Nat@arsonhouse.com AGENT: Vsloot@gersh.com.
TaraServatius Greenville, SC HOW DID WE EVER LET IT GET THIS FAR? 20 years ago, good corporate policy was to stay out of politics. Now good corporate policy is to object to half the country having free speech. Born free. Determined to keep it that way. Wife, mom. Host of The Tara Show, 6-10am, 106.3 WORD FM Greenville/101.5 FM Anderson/95.1 FM Seneca,SC. Bienvenidos.
PawDieFur_furry @FormlessChimera @miss_drives titan is by far the easier one since you can just equip ramparts. they also, depending on the super, gain a bunch of extra bonuses. hell you know how easy it is to melee charge, blind/burn/slow/concus then follow up with a bow/hc/scout/auto/pulse/sidarm/etc etc? 2/3
sexlessswingers North West, England @drewanna151 @KittenHerwolf @TownhouseSwing How was the club? It's not too far to us, and is our preference to try in the NW. DM us if you'd like? Thank x Jointly run account. Married M/F 40s couple dipping our toe into the #swinger lifestyle..without the #sex….YET! Podcast out now - Share our journey!
PapaFlerf @JamesBluhm77 @frudelik It doesn't work on any level so how is that 'not that far off? Flatearth is stupid, grow up.
simki121 München, Bayern @arny_trezzi What key metrics? Revenue growth is slowing significantly, profitability is still far away and dilution is crazy. It seems like palantir is more like a religion than a proper Investment. Next year revenue growth will be below 20%. How does this justify 7x sales? Management & Technology | TU München | 28 | Finance @ DAX 40
dgs_dubbnasty12 @JohnnyGaming9 So far how is it?
PymPurnell @LeslieKrupp Nope - far from it are you - is anyone? why are we not hearing it - what is it? are we afraid to tell it? if we're not afraid - why do we not know it? who knows it? how does this play out - where is this going? The Hate that dare not speak its name - exploring the growing anti-white hatred in our society WHITE LIVES DO MATTER

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