And it s EASY to

And it s EASY to start trying to win There isn t even any election gruntwork to be done right now All you have to do is help your leaders amplify their messaging How many Democratic office holders have you retweeted so far today If it s zero you wasted your voice today

PalmerReport Los Angeles, CA And it's EASY to start trying to win. There isn't even any election gruntwork to be done right now. All you have to do is help your leaders amplify their messaging. How many Democratic office holders have you retweeted so far today? If it's zero, you wasted your voice today. Political analysis ahead of the curve.
HNeumannMEP Berlin, Deutschland How desperate is a regime, if it allows poisoning of school girls (or even orders it)? How weak is a regime, if it shows videos of rape in schools to intimidate girls? And how far will such a regime go to tame this revolution? Don’t look away. They kill in darkness. #Iran 🇪🇺 Member of @europarl 🕊 #Security #HumanRights #MiddleEast & #Feminism 💚 @Die_Gruenen and @GreensEFA 📍#MV I #Berlin 🦸🏻‍♀️ Mother of three 💜 #SHEcurity
IuliiaMendel Ukraine Russia has been sharing the information about explosions in russia, sometimes near the border with Ukraine, sometimes really far. Now, it's about the explosion near Moscow. How is that possible that Ukrainian drones pass such long distances without being detected and shot down? Spokesperson to President @ZelenskyyUa (2019-2021); Author: The Fight of Our Lives ; @PostOpinions contributor; proud Ukrainian🇺🇦
DavidGroark4 @christoph_21 I think one is supposed to be a striker ??? And maybe that'll help. We were out thought and outfought today, A neil got it right. Changing your midfield completely..... We are were we are. This is not a bad season, but i would have loved to have seen how far these kids could go.
iweld15 @darkpinkdivine How is it so far? #Welder I do this for my son. KYLE MASON PARKER #Louisiana318 #LebronTheGoat #SteelerNation #LSU #LouisianaPipeliner #GymJunky
DRHENRYAMO LONDON, UK •Can you imagine yourself completely debt free? No payment. No card debt/loans. Seem like a far-out dream? It doesn’t have to be - and it isn’t out of reach. No matter how far in debt you are in today, God’s Will for you is debt freedom, and He will Help you get there. Amen. I am a British medical doctor. I was born & raised in Ghana. DR HENRY KOJO AMO Bsc (Human Biology), MB, ChB
shocktbot Dentonvale Hi, Max. Hey, how's Brad? Well, I could ever do it for another jock's tools A man of presentation is not far We want to be Trust me, I'm a doctor! (markov bot by @azzslazzy tw for heavy medical/hospital themes and homophobia)
Sven__________D Deutschland @GARUDA_on @GARUDA_info How far is it from one venue to the other?
peddy2612 Hey @MissCryptoGER, how far is your progress when it comes to educating about @defichain?👀 Would love to have you as a guest on my show! #DeFiChain #DeFighter Host of ,,InTheMarket” podcast, crypto investor #Defighter
cassptwt adolin kholins #1 fan How many stones can you pile on a man's body before the weight stops mattering? How far can you burn a lump of flesh until further heat is irrelevant? If I let myself feel guilt for this boy, then I would need to feel guilt for the others. And it would crush me. - wheel of time book quotes that make me levitate exactly 3 meters above ground and have laid the very essence of my soul bare / @cauthonlover

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