15th time is the charm

15th time is the charm What did McCarthy give up to win over those far right right hold-out voters And how will he ever pass any legislation It s going to be in be a long two years

BarbMcQuade Ann Arbor, MI 15th time is the charm! What did McCarthy give up to win over those far right right hold-out voters? And how will he ever pass any legislation? It’s going to be in be a long two years. @UMichLaw prof; former US Atty, EDMI, author of forthcoming book, “Attack from Within: How Disinformation is Sabotaging American Democracy and the Rule of Law”
AnfieldEdition Liverpool’s defence of the FA Cup restarts tomorrow 🏆 With how this season is panning out so far, should we take the competition seriously as a chance to win a trophy, or would it be an unnecessary distraction that we don’t have the depth for? Independent LFC platform | Double @The_FCAs award winners | News, Transfers + More | 📧 theanfieldedition@gmail.com | 18+ PlaySafe
TristanSnell New York, NY What if the far right’s refusal to elect McCarthy extends to ANY speaker? What if their plan is to cripple the House and thus grind the government to a halt? This may seem outlandish, but yet somehow it isn’t. That’s how far toward fascist anarchy the Trump Republicans have sunk Lawyer, founder repping small/mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, creators. Prosecuted Trump University @ NY AG. Commentator MSNBC CNN.
ScottMi77664006 West Midlands @MoltonAllan @apt1a @reece_dinsdale course, so when there is a strike on you want people to use buses! Just how out of touch ARE you? It shows that you have no empathy with normal people, just with your far left soul-mates! You say more about yourself then you can possibly imagine! We need to fear people like you! Universal declaration of Human Rights : Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinion
srinivassi24 भारत @mananbhattnavy Sir,how do submarines guage if water depth is conducive to dive & sail ? Around India,it is our home so we would know nook & corner,but how do they know the water depth far away from home or if there are any obstacles on the way or any route that should be avoided? Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow
chitchattee Why did you say it was nothing in the beginning and no one dying from it? There may be millions with it but now no one is dying from Omicron, how about flu which is far more dangerous Time to downgrade it. Mum, opinion on everything, not always right. Everyone has the right to an opinion, Hate injustice, lawlessness, love UK Demand good government
MrsIsiuwe @ileseunayo While you’re at it, there are track records of each candidates. So far so good, the ruling party’s candidate is by far the worst of all. Let me throw your question back at you, how will we know if we don’t give him the opportunity? Make of that whatever you choose. faith, hope and love. Mom 🤍
Logan_iso The Final Fuckin’ Frontier Why don’t you try living on only their wage and see how far you can get? Ignorance is a dangerous weapon. And you seem to have mastered it. 22 | Male | Single | 🇬🇧
Mint_Lounge India Is it possible to relate to other life forms that we normally think of as aliens or pests? How far can empathy stretch? @jaiarjun writes #empathy #Literature @livemint's Saturday magazine of culture, books, sports, style and ideas.
Em_BaTsari Nigeria 🇳🇬 It's midday tweeps, how is your day so far?! Add Jpegs if available 😍🙌🏽 Computer and GIS Analyst, Health Advocate, Photographer & Founder of @emlensphoto #SonyAlpha || IG: em_batsari
Pristinicus It is a shocking realisation for me that through the US involvement in Ukraine: America is no longer the Shining Light on the hill. It has become Mordor with the #wokemindvirus. How diid it fall so far and how did this happen? Somewhere person, localist, free speech, one law for all, participatory democracy, no to world government by bureaucracy, charity begins with your family. PhD.
Bwuestomo @the_elderr @TNTJohn1717 Who told u the game is earth? We can easily see beyond earth using.. a phone.. and how did u know the creator didn’t program it in such a way? What uf the actual game is still beyond what we learned so far? What ur doing here is ur making an assumption and base ur beliefs on it
dwtakenn 19 they/them what time is it for y’all? I wanna know how far ahead I am /srs sapnap’s favorite non binary lesbian | FAN ACCOUNT
AndrewBhoys Singapore @DanMcC1990 These points are not mutually exclusive. We can still be 9 points ahead & have been disadvantaged by VAR. it is absolutely reasonable to raise the concerns. The tally of penalties alone should be a concern. How is it that Rangers are the only team not to concede a penalty so far?

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