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: Sometimes (Love To Infinity 2015 Club Mix)

In some spare time today, I created a bhyve VM with an OpenBSD environment. It is functioning as a (second) standby replicated router/firewall for my home network. Now, I have three of them: one is a Qotom i7 (running many other services), another is an old Atom (used for performing ZFS replications of the Qotom), and a Banana Pro (running OpenBSD on bare metal, in read-only mode, as stable as a rock). My home network is now quite redundant

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: Because We Can


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The Register: The battle between open source and 'sort of' open source is as old as software

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The Register: Russia hustles to fill impending void left by the ISS

A man of many talents...

A tutto Commodore 64! Gavinlyons modifica il C64 facendolo diventare uno strumento musicale

Come abbiamo visto recentemente nellintervista a Francesco Sbledorio di RetroCampus, il mondo degli del non accenna a diminuire, anzi, costantemente nuovi hack si avvicendano in un sempre pi in .

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The Register: 'Influencer' gets 7 months in prison for plot to interfere with 2016 US election

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The Register: Boffins find AI stumbles when quizzed on the tough stuff

Boffins find AI stumbles when quizzed on the tough stuff

Must try harder, D+ AI models can manage well enough when prompted with text or images, and may even solve complex problems when not making terrible errors.

Nach Kommunikationsausfall Wieder Mobilfunk und Internet im Gazastreifen

hnliche Vorflle sind schon in anderen Lndern geschehen doch selten darber berichtet. Ich gehe sogar so weit, dass dies auch in Europa und Amerika geschehen kann, um die "Kontrolle" zu behalten. Auch weil u.a. die Mehrheit Smartphones nutzt und nicht Computer.

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Neat site to see what people use ( related)

Also nice that you can filter for setups for example :linux:

The Register: F5 hurriedly squashes BIG-IP remote code execution bug

Cos il Card Sharing. Per la pay TV italiana tornato, pi prepotente di prima

In Italia il fenomeno del era praticamente scomparso negli ultimi anni, anche a causa della offerta di , che aveva un costo analogo o addirittura inferiore e dalla maggiore praticit, facilit di visualizzazione su qualsiasi dispositivo (TV, PC, mobile) purch connesso ad internet.

Creata una AI capace di sviluppare un robot in modo indipendente. Gli scienziati la chiamano evoluzione istantanea

Un team di scienziati della ha creato la prima (AI) unica del suo genere in grado di sviluppare in modo indipendente.

The Register: Cruise blues: Robotaxi firm pauses all driverless operations

Windows Phone , , -

2021 Google $26,3 , Apple $18 -

Trisha from the Suicide Girls photo set "Float With Me"

More from this model here:


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This is the issues Im having at the moment.

Occasionally images wont upload at all and I get 503 error. And its not the rate limited type.

Note that this is the worst issue Ive had with mastodon.social so they really botched the node move.

(Fixed typo, Im already drunk a little bit)


The Register: Biden's facing the clock to veto Apple Watch import ban after ITC patent ruling

When gives you the finger

The Register: Pope tempted by Python! Signs off on coding scheme for kids

The Register: Sorry Pat, but it's looking like Arm PCs are inevitable

... general view of Stellantis' Belvidere Assembly Plant, in Belvidere, Illinois, U.S., June 27, 2023. REUTERS/Bianca Flowers/File photo Acquire ...

United Auto Workers reached a tentative agreement with Stellantis (STLAM.MI) on Saturday, a deal that is pending approval from the union's top leaders and includes reopening the automaker's Illinois plant, two people familiar with the matter said.

Elon Musks will 19 fr Abo ohne Werbung

My cartoon in todays Sunday Star Times

Mark Mitchell, National Politician, has threatened the gangs of Aotearoa that they'll have to cover up with makeup or go to jail...

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