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What's your favourite out of the box serverless hosting provider

I've been using Digital Ocean's app platform for a few small web services, but it's becoming clear they've somewhat soft abandoned the product with how many critical features are still missing.

is an obvious option, but they're pretty spendy.

I didn't realize provides full compute hosting beyond static sites, and looks to have a fairly compelling feature set.

Gamescom: Gamescom 2023 - Rundgang und bersicht


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A Bayesian Active Learning Approach to Comparative Judgement

"Based on Bayesian inference, and it uses the BTM, which is a probabilistic model for ranking, and is a generalisation of Thurstones model for pairwise comparisons, with the advantage of being able to incorporate more than two items being compared at a time." gal30b+

Started watching an "analyst round table" discussion about a storage product announcement. Oh look, it's six old white guys.

Hacker News: Experts Uncover How Cybercriminals Could Exploit Microsoft Entra ID for Elevated Privilege

The Register: Malware loader lowdown: The big 3 responsible for 80% of attacks so far this year


Lazio.it super Hot! Un sotto dominio della Regione Lazio espone un sito di contenuti espliciti

Ci potrebbe essere dovuto a diversi vettori di attacco che i hanno sfruttato, ma anche alla compromissione dello stesso DNS e la redirezione del traffico verso il sito hot.

Condividi questo post se hai trovato la news interessante.

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The Register: UK flights disrupted by 'technical issue' with air traffic computer system

heise-Angebot: ct-Workshop: Internetausflle kompensieren

Galaxy Watch OneUI

Htte gerne ne KI der ich meine Codenderungen gebe und die mir dann daraus hbsche Release-Notes, nen Migration Guide und die User Doku erzeugt. DAS wr mal ne echt ntzliche Innovation, ist nmlich alles wichtig, macht aber keinen Spa.

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Apple iPhone 15.

Passwords suck.

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Hacker News: Cyberattacks Targeting E-commerce Applications

The Register: Brain-computer interface and AI helps stroke victim woman speak through avatar

EntropyRank: Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction via Side-Information Optimization for Language Model-Based Text Compression

"Extracts phrases having the highest conditional entropy under the LM and turns out to solve a relevant information-theoretic problem: if provided as side information, it leads to the expected minimal binary code length in compressing the text using the LM and an entropy encoder." gal30b+


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Honestly, I step away for one short year and all hell breaks loose

'Network-wide failure of UK air traffic control systems', Loganair reports UK News Sky News

The Register: Aerial cable tangles are still being strung up, but carriers are slowly burying the problem

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US-Antidrogenbehrde fllt auf Kryptowhrungs-Scammer rein

Bunt & kreativ: Indie-Games auf der Gamescom 2023

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Qu ganitas de que salgaaaaaaa

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After reading my article on the uptime of the old server, a long-time client called me to check on their internal backup server ( 16.04, ext4 on root and on the data partition).

According to them, it's still running smoothly. This server is not accessible from the outside (only via SSH from the admin VLAN) and it performs backups by connecting via SSH to some company servers and downloading all the data. It's a secondary backup.

While the results might not be as impressive as the NetBSD server, they're still noteworthy:

rootbackup004:# uptime
11:26:39 up 1642 days, 23:53, 3 users, load average: 4,61, 4,79, 4,72

The Register: Foxconn founder Terry Gou to run for Taiwan's presidency

Umsatzexplosion: Nvidia ist der Schaufelverkufer unter den KI-Goldgrbern

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