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FTX crypto-villain Sam Bankman-Fried convicted on all charges

Jury took just four hours to reach guilty verdicts Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and former CEO of crypto exchange FTX and trading firm Alameda Research, has been found guilty of seven criminal charges.

Uber, Lyft to had back $328M of stolen wages to NY drivers

So much for appy cabbies being 'partners' - Big U kept fares low by making 'em pay fees that riders should have picked up Uber and Lyft will hand over $328 million in back pay to more than 100,000 New York drivers, the state's Attorney General Letitia James announced on Thursday.

US Commerce Dept pinky swears it won't push American spyware on world-plus-dog

Or maybe just not let foreign govts buy this stuff at all The US Commerce Department has promised to stop promoting American-made commercial spyware to foreign governments.

Google gives up on that API that looked more than a bit like DRM for websites

Instead, Chocolate Factory focuses on more limited attestation for Android WebViews Amid rising community concern, Google says it will no longer develop controversial technology that was said to fight fraud online though to critics looked more like DRM for websites.

Got in late had to send work emails for my own business as dentistry is going crazy since Henry Schein was compromised. Ill be on soon just feeding the dog and getting out of my work pants and ordering some food. Well show off the pinephone I got and play Star Citizen and talk and as well among other things. Well of course be

The Last of Us, The White Lotus, Euphoria e mais: HBO revela as novidades para 2025

Scarlett Johansson sics lawyers on AI app that cloned her for an ad

Plus: Beatles emit song with a little help from a neural network Lawyers representing Scarlett Johansson have pressured the developers of an AI avatar-generating app into taking down an advert that used the Hollywood mega-star's face and voice without permission.

meldet zum vierten Mal in Folge Umsatzrckgang

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

Linux: Wine 8.19 Linux Mono DirectMusic / Linux: Wine 8.19 Now Available For Linux, With New Mono Updates, More DirectMusic Implementations And Additional Fixes -

The largest dental distributor was compromised Henry Schein and also hilarious is I warned them years ago about their issues. Anyway now I got a bunch of other companies hollering at me asking how to secure their stuff

Linux: Wine 8.19 Now Available For Linux, With New Mono Updates, More DirectMusic Implementations And Additional Fixes -

Linux: Wine 8.19 Now Available For Linux, With New Mono Updates, More DirectMusic Implementations And Additional Fixes -

The Register: Amazon's $1.4B price-raising 'Project Nessie' algorithm exposed in FTC antitrust fight

Amazon's $1.4B price-raising 'Project Nessie' algorithm exposed in FTC antitrust fight

More details emerge from Loch Jassy, including how this was anything but a 'scrapped' project A fresh less-redacted copy of the US FTC's monopoly-abuse lawsuit against Amazon has confirmed some of what we previously reported about the web goliath's secret price-setting algorithm, and spilled a bunc

Edge AI Fanless PC equipped with Nvidia Jetson Orin -

MewnBase survival & base-building cat adventure game out now for Linux -

In quest to defeat Euro red-tape, Apple said it has three Safari browsers not one

And with a straight face, too. Brussels didn't buy it Apple tried to avoid regulation in the European Union by making a surprising claim that it offers not one but three distinct web browsers, all coincidentally named Safari.

The Register: FBI boss: Taking away our Section 702 spying powers could be 'devastating'

GPS leading your phone astray We can just fix that in code, startup claims

Zephr bags $3.5M, reckons its tech can pinpoint location to sub-60cm levels Interview  A startup that's just emerged from stealth claims it's solved smartphone GPS positioning problems by adding software to triangulate a handset with "sub metre absolute accuracy."

The Register: Europe bans Meta from using personal data to target ads

What is the best free OS out there right now for an old laptop Last time I used Xubuntu but can't remember what else I used to play with because I purged my brain of that knowledge.

Pentagon seeks government gossips to dish dirt on UFOs

Online form isn't for just anyone, so stow your crackpot theories for now The Pentagon's UFO hunters have set up an online form to collect first-hand information about secret US government programs involving unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

AI has added a further dimension to which the world seems only to be responding to now in any serious fashion. The horse is well out of the stable at this stage, and whilst the benefits stand to be enormous, the other edge of the sword means it could, in the wrong hands or in the wrong circumstances, lead to potentially catastrophic consequences. How do we apply safeguards and autobrakes I cant answer but we need to be asking people who can.

Infosec pros can secure IT, but have harder time securing job satisfaction

Industry facing burnout scare as workplace issues snowball The proportion of cybersecurity professionals reporting low "happiness ratings" has risen sharply over the last 12 months, raising concerns about increasing burnout rates in the industry.

"Urgent" tickets get the least priority from me.

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Critical Apache ActiveMQ flaw under attack by 'clumsy' ransomware crims

Over a week later and barely any patches for the 10/10 vulnerability have been applied Security researchers have confirmed that ransomware criminals are capitalizing on a maximum-severity vulnerability in Apache ActiveMQ.

Hacker News: HelloKitty Ransomware Group Exploiting Apache ActiveMQ Vulnerability

Google Yahoo Firefox Mozilla -

The Register: Microsoft warns it may throttle its generative AI services for excessive users

34 driver di Windows consentono il pieno controllo del Sistema Operativo

34 di Windows Driver Model () e Windows Driver Frameworks () potrebbero essere stati sfruttati da autori di minacce. Tali driver permettono di ottenere il pieno dei ed eseguire sui sottostanti.

These days, many in do not read textbooks and peer-reviewed papers. Instead, they learn by watching YouTube videos.

I'm all for learningin all forms, in any setting, at all stages of life. But learning by listening is less optimal than learning by reading.

Indeed, the canonical way to build a foundation in is to attend an "undergrad" academic institution, where the student reads first, attends the lecture, does the assignment, then rereads thereafter. It isn't to say that non-institutional, self-guided learning is ineffective if the learner is disciplined, diligent, and deferential, he'd do well in any subject matter.

But those who opt to learn exclusively from run-of-the-mill YouTube "overgrad" courses suffer these indignities at their own hands:

They learn only the how but never the why and, as such, they can't explain the result that is, they don't know if the result they produced is right or wrong, why so, and under what circumstances
They learn one topic in isolation, but not in its broader context, so they never see the abstractions that transcend domain boundaries that is, they overfit to one problem, and they can't generalise

That, then, is not true .

Theora video codec to be coded out from Chrome and Firefox

Usage barely measurable so ax will swing on compression dinosaur The Theora video compression codec is finally being put out to pasture as Google pulls it from Chrome and Mozilla mulls the same for Firefox.

verdiente Milliarde mit geheimem Algorithmus

creates new opportunities for innovation!

Learn how Vincenzo Virgillo and his colleagues transformed a Universita Palermo lab of nearly 100 systems into a network that powers projects for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and more.

Create new possibilities for your students next:

Snowflake puts LLMs in the hands of SQL and Python coders

As more features come to Data Cloud, customers might want to keep an eye on consumption Cloud data warehouse biz Snowflake has launched a fully managed service designed to rid developers building LLMs into their applications of the onerous task of creating the supporting infrastructure.

'It' Prequel Series 'Welcome to Derry' Delayed to 2025

Okta tells 5,000 of its own staff that their data was accessed in third-party breach

The hits keep on coming for troubled ID management biz Okta has sent out breach notifications to almost 5,000 employees, warning them that miscreants breached one of its third-party vendors and stole a file containing staff names, social security numbers, and health or medical insurance plan numbers.

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