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I shouldn't have told some people that the white dude in IT was an asshole who asked for my home address--I should have told everyone.

The Register: Intel delays Ohio fab build, blames semiconductor slowdown

N'importe qui de srieux dans l' sait que la par l' est une approche totalement dpasse et inefficace.

The Register: Windows 11 24H2 is coming so we can all shut up about Windows 12 for another year

Haryana Hackathon Champions Youth Innovation in Fighting Drug Addiction.

Enjoy tracker free news reading with us.

"... I learned a lot on that job - mostly by making mistakes."

Mefites are weighing in on an Ask Metafilter question about the likelihood of admin login rights creating a major security risk on a work computer.

The Register: Is critical infrastructure prepared for OT ransomware

AnyDesk: Le implicazioni dellattacco informatico e come proteggere la tua connessione remota!

So schn kann openSuse Laep 15.5 mit dem Mate Desktop sein.
Da soll nochmal einer sagen, openSuse Laep 15.5 wre langweilig.

The Register: Save the Mars Sample Return mission, plead Congresscritters

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Ich hab ein kleines fr euch.
Diese folgende Zeichenkette ist verschlsselt. Welchen Verfahren habe ich heute angewandt und was steht in dem verschlsselten Text

Verschlsselter Text:

The Register: Tesla power steering probe upgraded after thousands more incidents reported

Quanto durer la mia SSD Scopri come controllare la salute del tuo SSD per proteggere le tue informazioni

The Register: Affordable, self-healing power grids are closer than you think

Il cervello umano un sistema quantistico Nuovi metodi scientifici potrebbero avvalorarne la tesi

Il robot ha imparato a leggere il Braille 2 volte pi velocemente di un essere umano

Full-time React Native Developer at Digital Democracy

Part-time Senior Developer for a Desktop Application (React + Python + Electron) at Open Knowledge Foundation

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Being a for more than a year now i can say:

The is awesome, but i spent more time looking for new projects or dealing with organizational difficulties of my clients than actually do work..

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Are and the answers to rapid solutions, or just a fleeting trend

Let's hear what Andie Dovgan of has to say.


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The Register: Critical vulnerability in Mastodon is pounced upon by fast-acting admins

Sometimes I really hate computers.
I spent hours yesterday and today troubleshooting why one of my two laptops suddenly stopped being able to see printers on the network. Wasted lots of time trying lots of different things, narrowed it down to query responses not being seen by the laptop.
Finally after all that it finally occurred to me to reboot my WiFi router. Problem solved.

The Register: Blackbaud settles with FTC after that IT breach exposed millions of people's info

The Register: Untangling Meta's plan for its homegrown AI chips, set to actually roll out this year

What the actual fuck Telestream

Fernwartungssoftware-Anbieter Anydesk gehackt

The Register: Dell said to be preparing broad Return To Office order this Monday

Happy Birthday, Open Source Initiative (OSI)! Congratulations on 26 years of stewardship and public advocacy to promote awareness of the importance of .

The Register: What Big Tech's balance sheets this week said and didn't say about real-world AI adoption

Salaris via een ING "Tikkie"

Column door: Lyo


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Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer (Moreno J Remix)

Laltro lato della sicurezza informatica: stress e burnout sono by design negli esperti di settore

What Big Tech's balance sheets this week said and didn't say about real-world AI adoption

Is there anything more terrifying than a 'smart' HR chatbot Well, OK, yes, but ... This ongoing generative AI assistant hype-cycle already feels like it's been going on for a decade, with Big Tech pouring billions into systems that simultaneously are supposed to take away our jobs and enhance our workin

The Register: Researchers remotely exploit devices used to manage safe aircraft landings and takeoffs