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How I bricked a PC in 2 seconds.
Not looking for assistance more a vent post.
I was working on an older PC I have thats just around for multimedia and wanted to get the Thunderbolt card in it working. Apparently you have to set the bios for it like its a sound card from 1991 but whatever.
I set the PCIe ID wrong on it and bricked it. No level of reset works. It just loops POST. Ive pulled the BIOs chip and am going to perform a manual reflash. Wish me luck...

Japan's Rakuten plans satellite cell service across its islands from 2026

Launch delays persist, but test space-based voice calls work Japan's Rakuten Mobile says it plans to offer a satellite-based mobile service that will support standard smartphones starting from 2026, although the satellites to provide this capability have yet to be launched.

Hacker News: Solve Your SaaS Vulnerabilities in Just 2 Hours a Week

The Register: Dave's not here, man. But this mind-blowingly huge server just, like, arrived

Nginx web server forked as Freenginx to escape corporate overlords

Project hails from its original motherland of Russia Russian developer Maxim Dounin has announced a new fork of the Nginx web server and caching proxy, aimed at avoiding the corporate control of owner F5.


Administrator*in / Entwickler*in (m/w/d) IT-Basisdienste und Service, Vollzeit, unbefristet, EG 11 TV-L, Kennziffer SLUB-2024-06

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Zeus, IcedID malware kingpin faces 40 years in slammer

Nearly a decade on the FBIs Cyber Most Wanted List after getting banks to empty vics' accounts A Ukrainian cybercrime kingpin who ran some of the most pervasive malware operations faces 40 years in prison after spending nearly a decade on the FBI's Cyber Most Wanted List.

Hacker News: CISA Warning: Akira Ransomware Exploiting Cisco ASA/FTD Vulnerability

The Register: Broadcom moves to reassure VMware users as rivals smell an opportunity

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Valued contacts in IT and specifically in the / community: I'd love it if you could reach out to me with insights or stories to tell regarding mental health in the . Many thanks in advance

OSIRIS-REx probe sucked up more asteroid crumbs than hoped

121 grams is the largest such sample secured, but NASA won't blow it all at once NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft snagged 121.6 grams of material from asteroid Bennu the largest quantity ever retrieved by such a mission.

21.000 IP italiani espongono il Remote Desktop Protocol. Su internet non deve essere esposto!

IonQ opens first US quantum factory amid VC cash crunch

Who knows where they'll get the funds for $1B investment plan, though Quantum technology outfit IonQ has cut the ribbon on its Seattle manufacturing facility, claimed as the first factory for quantum systems on US soil. The move comes shortly after a report claimed that investors have halved the venture capital funding going to quantum compani

Es gibt endlich einen Abschluss fr die Beschftigten in der Branche sterreich.

In der 9.(!) Verhandlungsrunde und wurde eine Vereinbarung ber 2 Jahre getroffen.
Damit keine Streiks in vielen Unternehmen kommende Woche.

2024: +7,8% Mindestgehalt, IST-Gehaltssumme +7,25% (mindest 175). Lehrlinge +8% bis 9%

2025: +0,15% Mindestgehalt ber Inflation, IST-Gehaltssumme +0,65% ber Inflation

Hacker News: RustDoor macOS Backdoor Targets Cryptocurrency Firms with Fake Job Offers

The Register: Air Canada must pay damages after chatbot lies to grieving passenger about discount

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Cambridge brainiacs propose AI apocalypse kill switches

Better visibility and performance caps would be good for regulation too In our quest to limit the destructive potential of artificial intelligence, a new paper out of the University of Cambridge has suggested baking in remote kill switches and lockouts, like those developed to stop the unauthorized launch of nuclear weap

Tonight from 6:00-7:00 pm in Horizon Hall, Room 2008, I will conduct my 3rd guest lecture on where we will conduct a mock /#OT electrical grid hack and work with to re-establish power back to Fairfax County!

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Forgetting the history of Unix is coding us into a corner

The lessons of yesteryear's OS are getting lost in translation FOSDEM 2024  There are vital lessons to be learned from the history of Unix, but they're being forgotten. This is leading to truly vast amounts of wasted effort.

Hacker News: Why We Must Democratize Cybersecurity

The Register: European Court of Human Rights declares backdoored encryption is illegal

Cutting kids off from the dark web the solution can only ever be social

Expert weighs in after Brianna Ghey murder amid worrying rates of child cybercrime The murder of 16-year-old schoolgirl Brianna Ghey has kickstarted a debate around limiting children's access to the dark web in the UK, with experts highlighting the difficulty in achieving this.

OpenAI alla ricerca di trilioni di dollari: il piano di Altman per rivoluzionare lindustria dei semiconduttori

Irgendjemand bei den Wiener Stadtwerken ist offenbar auf die Idee gekommen, Postzustellung selbst zu organisieren und das der zu berlassen.


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NASA extinguishes experiment about setting things on fire in space

Saffire concludes after eight years of flaming good times NASA has concluded its Spacecraft Fire Safety Experiment (Saffire) with a test onboard a Northrop Grumman Cygnus spacecraft after it departed from the International Space Station (ISS).

Hacker News: U.S. Government Disrupts Russian-Linked Botnet Engaged in Cyber Espionage

The Register: Cisco cuts 5% of workforce amid cautious enterprise spending

Dell staff not alone in being squeezed to reduce remote work

3 in 5 workers getting strict orders to return to office and something is going to give If some of you think management started to tighten the screws on return to office this year then you aren't alone three in five workers say they are feeling the squeeze too.

Dave's not here, man. But this mind-blowingly huge server just, like, arrived

Ganja believe it The customer couldn't when their box went up in smoke On Call  The Register understands that by Friday afternoon readers may reasonably contemplate a drink or two. So to give you something to talk about should you visit a pub in search of such libations we therefore present a fresh instalment of On Call, the col

Nuova Funzionalit di Sincronizzazione e Backup DuckDuckGo: Proteggi i tuoi Dati Senza Compromessi!

Hacker News: U.S. State Government Network Breached via Former Employee's Account

The Register: Microsoft 'retires' Azure IoT Central in platform rethink

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